Omar-S reveals album details for 'You Want'

A week ago, Detroit producer and FXHE label head, Omar-S went to Facebook to post about his upcoming LP, 'You Want' for the first time. Today, he's finally put information about the new release up on his website, although still not yet revealing a release date.

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The album has features from artists such as John FM, Norm Talley, Ian Finkelstein, John Cloud, L'Renee, Brian Kage and Kingdom.

His last full length album release was 2016's 'The Best', but he's been most popularly noted for 'Thank U For Letting Me Be Myself' featuring the hit jazz piano embellished track, 'The Shit Baby'.

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Omar-S will be holding an album release party on February 7 at Detroit's Marble Bar alongside John FM, Norm Talley and Tink Thomas.

You can pre-order the album on the FXHE site here and listen to preview clips the album below.