Oddtaxi Blu-ray Release Confirmed

With DVD and Blu-ray sales down across the anime industry, there was uncertainty if the stylized anime ODDTAXI, despite being one of the biggest surprises of the spring 2021 anime season, would receive a Blu-ray release. However, thanks to fan support a Blu-ray release has officially been announced.

The anime's official Twitter account announced the release on July 30. Back in June, Project ODD TAXI was launched in order to gauge anime fans' interest in owning ODDTAXI on Blu-ray. The project needed to reach 300 pre-orders for the Blu-ray to be released. By the end of July, a total of 900 pre-orders had been achieved, which then rose to over 1,000 pre-orders at the beginning of August.

Project ODD TAXI remains ongoing. Structured much like a Kickstarter campaign, the project offers bonus items for achieving specific benchmarks. So far, fans who have pre-ordered the ODDTAXI Blu-ray will also receive a new art book, the ODDTAXI Original Soundtrack Outtake CD -- which features 15 songs that are not part of the official soundtrack album -- and an original picture drama penned by the anime's screenplay writer Kazuya Konomoto.

There are additional bonuses that may be unlocked as the preorder campaign progresses: if Project ODD TAXI reaches 1,500 sets, the Blu-ray will include a character song CD, which features songs sung by voice actors Suzuko Mimori, Moeka Koizumi and Manatsu Murakami. A Donraku Eraser is the bonus item for achieving 2,000 pre-ordered sets and an Otogawa figurine is the bonus for reaching 3,000 sets.

Project ODD TAXI will run through Sept. 30 and shipping is scheduled for March 2022. The price for the Blu-ray is 27,5oo yen ($249 USD).

ODDTAXI is now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Source: Twitter, via Crunchyroll

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