Obey Me!’s Five-Minute Series Premiere May Be Short, But It’s Sweet

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Obey Me! Episode 1, now streaming on YouTube and Funimation. 

Obey Me! is a popular otome mobile game that has now made its highly-anticipated anime debut. The five-minute series premiere offers viewers a brief introduction to the seven demon brothers' personalities and family dynamics, and despite its short run time, fans are raving about these devilishly handsome brothers who represent the seven deadly sins. Here's what you may have missed in the short but sweet Obey Me! premiere.

In the Obey Me! series premiere, Lucifer directs a study group about spells because the brothers' average score was too low on the last test. The rest were brought down by Mammon, the defiant Avatar of Greed who detests work and studying. Mammon swears he'll do better next time by writing down and memorizing spells, but he instantly starts playing on his phone instead. Lucifer declares Mammon a lost cause and yells at Satan when he also starts playing with his phone, which is called a D.D.D. in the Devildom.

As lovers of the otome game already know, Lucifer is the Avatar of Pride and the eldest of the seven brothers. Despite being the feared head of the family, Lucifer's defiant younger brothers don't always listen to him. Satan pranks Lucifer by photoshopping an unflattering picture of him and the other brothers laugh at him. In this opening scene, viewers are informed of the brothers' age rank from oldest to youngest: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Belphegor.

As the study group goes off the rails, Mammon distracts his brothers with a D.D.D. game that makes you change your facial expressions to match the falling icons. As the rambunctious brothers start fighting over the game, Lucifer's patience wears thin. When he interrupts the others, Lucifer ironically gets the high score for his angry expression. He then confiscates the D.D.D. and kicks everyone out of the study room while his brothers call him a demon and a sadist. Once he's alone, Lucifer starts playing and enjoying the game in secret until Satan walks in on him making a goofy face to close off the premiere. This ironic and sarcastic humor driving the episode accurately aligns with the fun and chaotic tone of the original otome game.

While Episode 1 is short, it's enough to give viewers a glimpse into the distinct personalities of each demon brother. Belphie yawns and complains about how tired he is, revealing his sleepy disposition as the Avatar of Sloth. Satan's intelligence and condescending attitude as the Avatar of Wrath is quickly revealed when he lectures Lucifer about researching the origin of spells. As the Avatar of Lust, Asmo's vanity comes out as he rants about his own beauty while Levi the Avatar of Envy reveals his otaku personality by talking about normies. However, Beelzebub the Avatar of Gluttony surprised many fans of the game by not eating anything during the premiere, but this will likely change in future episodes.

The Obey Me! series premiere successfully sets the tone for the rest of the series and offers a satisfying overview of the demonic brothers living in the Devildom. Fans who have eagerly awaited the brothers' anime debut are excited to see how the storyline progresses and what scenes will be adapted from the original otome game. While Obey Me! is based on a reverse-harem game, no female lead has been mentioned or confirmed for the anime adaptation.

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