Nova Gholar Brings “FRDM” To The Crowds

Despite having worked with music heavyweight artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, or Christina Milian, California-based singer-songwriter and producer Nova Gholar embarked on a solo career around one year ago. His thirst for independence and freedom is beautifully channeled through his new song “FRDM,” a majestic anthem set to conquer the loyalty of many fans of the genre. Nova Gholar follows-up to his previous success, the song “WNDR.” 

Both Nova’s latest releases were released alongside fantastic music videos in which every detail was crafted and imagined for a specific purpose; from metaphors to symbols and references, everything was made to challenge viewers into finding the clues left by one of the most intriguing artists out there. 

Some of Nova’s most popular works include his album The Preacher’s Kid, but also the tracks “Remind Me” and “Hollywood dreamin,” among many more. Bringing freedom to the crowds through enlightening music, Nova Gholar is just beginning his forceful ascension, so make sure to follow the development of one of the most talented artists’ careers.