Not Even Zombies Stop Talentless Nana Defeating Her Trickiest Adversary Yet

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Talentless Nana, Episode 7 “Necromancer, Part 2”, now streaming on Funimation.

This week, Nana gives a master class on how to manipulate a yandere. According to Nana, people do not believe facts, they believe in other people, so she takes advantage of Yuuka’s obsessions with Shinji, successfully leading Yuuka to believe she can help convey Shinji's thoughts to Yuuka. This scene reveals the major weakness of Yuuka’s power is that she cannot know what the dead is thinking, which means Nana’s previous worry about the necromancer potentially exposing her crimes is unfounded.

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Nana escapes from Yuuka’s apartment only to be chased by a larger group of zombies controlled by Yuuka. Yuuka reveals that there are many dead bodies of super-powered beings buried on the island, and they all died in very gruesome ways. Nana is shocked by this fact, meaning that the government is definitely hiding bigger secrets about the island from Nana.

During the chase, Yuuka voluntarily tells Nana that she needs to hold onto one of the dead person’s former possessions in order to control them. But zombie Shinji is always around to protect Yuuka, so Nana cannot get close to steal Yuuka’s necklace that allows her to control Shinji. Nana finally manages to hide in an abandoned cabin in the woods. However, she is soon trapped inside by Yuuka and her army of zombies. Luckily, Yuuka’s power over the dead only works during sundown, so after sunrise, she decides to lock Nana in the cabin and goes to school to avoid suspicion.

Little does Yuuka know, Nana has already removed the screws on the cabin door just before Yuuka and her zombies arrived at the cabin. She only pretends to be trapped in order to confirm when Yuuka’s power would work. Once Nana is sure that Yuuka’s power does not work after sunrise, she makes her move.

Nana surprises Yuuka from the back and finds a torn piece of test paper in her back pocket. This is Shinji’s actual possession allowing Yuuka to control him. Nana sees through Yuuka’s lie that deliberately led Nana's attention to her necklace, when in fact she is trying to protect the test paper this whole time. Knowing Yuuka’s feelings for Shinji is more important to her than anything else, Nana holds the test paper hostage and Yuuka is forced to beg for forgiveness.

Nana shows her ruthlessness by dealing a fatal blow to Yuuka’s fantasies. Nana noticed many inconsistencies with Yuuka’s story about her and Shinji’s final date in last week's episode. She points out the inconsistencies and reasons that Yuuka was never Shinji’s girlfriend. If they actually were in a relationship, her only possession of Shinji’s would not just be a piece of paper. Yuuka was just Shinji’s stalker. Broken by Nana's reveal, Yuuka confesses to starting the fire that ultimately killed Shinji, because she was jealous of his girlfriend. At this point, Nana finally kills Yuuka with her poisonous needle.

In the episode's final scene, Nana asks herself whether she would have killed Yuuka if her reasoning is wrong, and Yuuka was really Shinji’s girlfriend and just a hopeless romantic. Nana quickly dismisses this thought, however, she never second-guessed herself before when she killed the other students who were clearly innocent. This scene shows a minor but very important shift in Nana’s thought process: she may be starting to doubt the true purpose of her mission.

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