Noblesse: Trailer, Plot, Release Date & News to Know

This has been a big year for anime based off of manhwa. This year has already seen hit co-productions between Webtoon and Crunchyroll like Tower Of God and God Of High School. Now, the upcoming anime season is going to debut a third such co-production in the form of Noblesse, which is expanding to a full anime series after two OVA adaptations. Here's everything that we know about this vampire tale.


Noblesse is about Cadis Etrama Di Raizel and his acclimation to the modern world. Raizel holds the special title of Noblesse, a noble vampire whose role requires him to eventually protect nobles while executing his foes. After a sleep which lasts for hundreds of years, Raizel finds and gains the aid of a servant named Frankenstein. Frankenstein serves as the principal for Ye Ran High School, the perfect place for Raizel to blend in while getting used to the more-modern world.

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As a Noblesse, Raizel was not entirely welcomed by certain vampires in his past due to the fact that he has the power to judge them. He is known to have carried out a lot of judgments for vampires in the past. This is part of the reason that Raizel is admitted to Ye Ran High School, giving him some time until Raizel is forced to take matters into his own hands. As they navigate the dangers of the modern world Raizel gains the aid of M-21, who introduces Union and the superhumans the organization created.


On August 13, Crunchyroll released a trailer on YouTube for Noblesse. While this trailer is very brief, there are a couple of smaller notes that can be taken from the video. Firstly, it appears that vampires have plenty of advantage over standard weaponry. When faced with gunfire from a mounted machine gun in the video's beginning, a humanoid being with pistols is able to dodge the gunfire without getting scratched. This sets a sort of standard for supernatural beings, considering that Noblesse fight against others of a similar nature.

The clip introduces Raizel as he enters the environment of Ye Ran High School. With the school serving as a backdrop for Raizel's adjusting to the modern world, it's possible that enemies will clash with him while at school. However, at the school, he seems to have made some friends among his classmates.

On September 6, an exclusive sneak peek was released which develops on some of the scenes shone in the brief trailer. One of the important elements that it provides is an introduction to the group called Union. It appears that in this world, besides the vampires there are experimental test subjects that possess some abnormal abilities. This is demonstrated through the claws that M-21 generates in front of Raizel and Frankenstein. While he is a product of Union's experiments, the video shows that M-21 will work with the pair for some time.

This second video also develops on the interactions that Raizel has in school. The first thing to note in this regard is the attention that he grabs from other ordinary students. From his walking down a hallway, many turn to him and comment on him to themselves. On top of that, this video provides context for the scene where Raizel draws on a classmate's cast after multiple friends do so. Raizel's activities show the fact that at first he isn't prepared with everything that ordinary humans have, such as a cellphone.

Release Date


Noblesse is set to premiere on October 8, with Crunchyroll simulcasting the show internationally.

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