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Upcoming anime film The First Slam Dunk has unveiled a new trailer along with its first five cast members and opening/ending theme song artists!

The cast members are set to voice players on Shohoku High School's basketball team. Subaru Kimaru will play Hanamichi Sakuragi.

Shugo Nakamura will play Ryota Miyagi.

Jun Kasama will play Hisashi Mitsui.

Shinichiro Kamio will play Kaede Rukawa.

Kenta Miyake will play Takenori Akagi.

Garage rock band The Birthday is set to perform the opening theme song, while rock band 10-Feet will provide the ending theme song, "Dai Zero Kan." 10-Feet's Takuma is also creating music for the film with musician Satoshi Takebe.

Created by Takehiko Inoue, Slam Dunk follows high school delinquent Sakuragi, who comes to love basketball after joining the club to impress a girl.

The First Slam Dunk will be the franchise's first new anime installment in 27 years, following 1995 anime film Slam Dunk: Howling Basketman Spirit!! Inoue is both directing the film and writing the screenplay.

The First Slam Dunk will premiere in Japan on December 3, 2022.

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