New Must-Read Webtoon Originals, From Our Beloved Summer to Eaternal Nocturnal

The digital comic publisher Webtoon continuously gains popularity as it brings series like Tower of God and The God of High School to global audiences. The platform has become more than just a place for international readers to discover the beauty of the digital medium. It has become a place for aspiring creators to hone their skills, as well as film and tv series production teams to discover the next big hit. Our Beloved Summer and Eaternal Noctural are just two examples of what may be the next successful webtoon.

Our Beloved Summer

Having two completely different characters end up together is a tried and tested trope in romance series, and Our Beloved Summer, by Han Kyoung Chal and Lee Naeun, banks on that. The story begins with Choi Wung, the male lead, and Guk Yeonsu, the female lead, being cast for a documentary. However, it doesn't take long for Choi to leave an awful first impression. After arriving late on their first scheduled shooting, he trips and falls in front of Guk, making an utter fool of himself.

The documentary aims to show the daily lives of modern Korean students through the first and last placed students. However, the stark contrast between the main characters doesn't end with their grades. The polar differences in their personalities become more apparent as the documentary pre-interview progresses. Choi is a carefree individual who can't be bothered with responsibility, while Guk is a self-disciplined breadwinner. Fans of cute romance can read new episodes of Our Beloved Summer every Friday.

The Greatest Estate Developer

The Greatest Estate Developer, by BK_Moon, Lee hyunmin, and Kim Hyunsoo, adds a comedic twist to the typical isekai trope. When the protagonist, Kim Suho, falls asleep while reading a fantasy novel, he wakes up as Lloyd Frontera, an unprincipled character from the book. Lloyd's poor personality from the novel gives Suho a handicap from the very beginning. He awakened with a disfigured mouth from sleeping on the pavement, and every character in the novel also has a bad perception of him. His family also has a huge amount of debt, and his pitiful death is imminent if he follows the route of the original series.

Suho, now Lloyd, uses the knowledge and skills from his previous life and starts to create inventions to amass enough wealth to save his skin. He uses a special system overlay with a condescending voice, his summons, and the people from the novel, on a journey to be a rich estate developer. The Greatest Estate Developer's self-awareness is something those who enjoy the isekai genre will appreciate. New episodes come out every Sunday.


Rana and Moona's Cierra is a romance webtoon centered around Cierra Elburke, who has suffered from being an unwanted child. She's the fruit of Duke Elburke violating her mother. As a result, she hasn't received any affection from her parents, and her father conditions her to prioritize his personal interest at all times. When Claude LeSpencer, the king's illegitimate child, enters the picture the two characters quickly fall for each other unseen by the masses.

Their hidden love soon comes to an end though when Cierra is betrothed to the crown prince. Claude slaughters everone obstructing their relationship to save Cierra, but contrary to Claude's expectations, Cierra doesn't approve of his actions. After taking his life, she wishes to change things and gets sent back in time. Cierra is a webtoon that readers who prefer series with a darker tone will enjoy. A new episode is released every Tuesday.

Eaternal Nocturnal

Dae eating orb in Eaternal Nocturnal

Eaternal Nocturnal is instantmiso's, the creator of Siren's Lament, comeback series. The first few panels introduce the webtoon's protagonist, Eve, and her difficulty falling asleep. Even with the help of meditation, medication, and dietary changes, her condition doesn't seem to be getting any better. But the moment she does fall asleep, a curious thing happens. An apparition visits her sleeping body and invades her dream, then immediately withdraws after being discovered.

It doesn't end there. The morning after, Eve finds herself feeling well-rested and refreshed, something she hasn't felt for a long time. At the same time, Dae, the Dream Eater, also has his first fill of dreams in a long while. Eaternal Nocturnal is quick to make its readers ask questions: How did Dae become a Dream Eater? Are there other Dream Eaters? And the answers to these questions are likely to be revealed in future episodes, which are released every Thursday.

As Webtoon's popularity increases each passing month, the platform brings more great quality titles to its readers. From light-hearted romance to comedic isekai, these four up-and-coming webtoons offer a variety of experiences. Naturally, all of them hold great potential and are worth checking out.

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