New Eureka Seven Movie Reveals New Trailer, Image and Premiere Date

The latest movie in studio BONES' Eureka Seven: Hi Evolution series has revealed a new trailer, promotional image and its release date.

Entitled EUREKA: Eureka Seven Hi Evolution, the new movie will serve as the finale to the Hi Evolution film series that began in 2017. Similar to the Rebuild of Evangelion movies, the Hi Evolution series serves as both a reboot and a continuation of the original 2005 Eureka Seven anime series, albeit with a slightly darker and more grounded tone. The second film in the series, ANEMONE, was released in 2018, and EUREKA was original scheduled to debut shortly after in 2019. However, the release of EUREKA was delayed by two years to early 2021 due to unspecified reasons, and then delayed again by a few months due to the current surge in COVID-19 cases that Japan is facing. The movie will now open in Japan on Nov. 26, while details about an international release have not yet been announced.


The new movie picks up immediately after the events of ANEMONE film, with the "real world" having merged with the virtual world created by the alien entity known as Scub Coral. An older Eureka, now unable to use her special powers and communicate with the Scub Coral, now works for the military as a regular human being. As tensions mount between the residents of the real world and the displaced peoples of the virtual world, Eureka is tasked with protecting Iris, a young girl who bares a strong resemblance to her younger self, and who also possesses the power to control the Scub Coral.

Unlike the original series, EUREKA is not being written by veteran anime writer Dai Sato, rather, the movie's script was penned by Mobile Suit Gundam SEED's Yuuichi Nomura and director Tomoki Kyoda. Evangelion's Yutaka Izubuchi designed a new form of the series' flagship mecha, the Nirvash, for the movie. Many of the voice actors from the original Eureka Seven anime series, as well as its 2012 sequel series Eureka Seven AO, will return to reprise their roles. Studio BONES, which has been involved with the franchise since the beginning, will return to handle the movie's animation.

While the Eureka Seven franchise never achieved the widespread popularity of Mobile Suit Gundam or the universal acclaim of Neon Genesis Evangelion, it has developed a dedicated cult following thanks to its unique blending of traditional mecha anime with influences from 1960's counter-culture and the New Wave musical movement of the '80s. The original anime series won multiple awards at the 2006 Tokyo International Anime Fair, and has since spawned multiple manga adaptations and a trilogy of video games.

The original Eureka Seven anime is now available for streaming on Funimation. The previous two movies in the Hi Evolution series are available on DVD, Blu-ray and digitally on-demand from Funimation.

Source: Twitter, YouTube

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