New Castlevania Series Announced by Netflix starring Richter Belmont

Netflix has announced a new spinoff of their Castlevania series, starring fan favorite hero Richter Belmont.

Netflix has revealed a new Castlevania series which moves the series' setting forward in time from the middle ages to the era of the French Revolution. The series will focus on the story of Richter Belmont, a descendant of Trevor Belmont from the original series, and a key figure in many of the classic Castelvania video games. Notably, Netflix's tweet states that Richter is the son of Sypha and Trevor, while in the games, several generations (and hundreds of years,) separate  the two Belmonts. The series will also feature Maria Renard, a skilled magic wielder who is also Richter's sister-in-law.

Richter Belmont originally appeared in Castlevania: Rondo of Blood, which was released exclusively in Japan for the PC-Engine in 1993. The game later received a simplified port to the Super Nintendo and was retitled Castlevania: Dracula X, which was released internationally. While Rondo of Blood was never officially released outside of Japan until it was ported to the PSP and the Wii Virtual Console more than a decade later, the game found an audience with hardcore fans of the franchise and it is generally regarded as one of the best Castlevania games. Richter returned in 1997's critically acclaimed Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and he has been referenced throughout the series as the strongest vampire killer in the Belmont bloodline. Richter is also a playable guest fighter in Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

No release date for the new Castlevania series was given. All four seasons of the Netflix's original Castlevania series are currently available for streaming.

Source: Twitter

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