NeverNormal Soundsystem and ANTI-MASS’s Collaborative LP ‘Gukuba’

NYC collectives NeverNormal Soundsystem and ANTI-MASS collaborate for a 16-track project Gukuba, which means “it slaps / it beats,” similar to a pulse or a heartbeat, in Luganda, a language spoken in Uganda.

Suzi Analogue, Founder of Never Normal, says “The journey to create this is years in the making since I met Authentically Plastic in Uganda in 2019. We’ve all put our real life inspirations into a sonic perspective that unites beats that connects culture from the continent of Africa to the African diaspora. For the future of techno, house and electronic to venture into the rhythms that preserved over centuries is a monumental moment our collectives share. This is about movement and moving forward in so many ways.

Authentically Plastic of ANTI-MASS adds, “I feel like it’s really been great coming together and working with people from such a different context, but with a shared love for Black Music and Black Liberation. The process, even when mediated through the internet, was incredibly warm & healing.

Stream the music video for “Make It Shake” by Suzi Analogue, Turkana, and Queens D. Light below, and stream Gukuba below, recognized as one of Billboard's most anticipated electronic LP's, is now here!