Netflix’s The Idhun Chronicles: Victoria’s MASSIVE Power Upgrade, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of The Idhun Chronicles, available on Netflix.

Netflix's The Idhun Chronicles took some time to really bring Victoria to the fray, instead focusing on young Jack as he was rescued and brought to her magical realm of Limbhad. Jack's family was killed by Kirtash and Elrion, agents of Ashran, who wanted all refugees of the mystical Idhun to be wiped out, even if they fled to other dimensions like Earth.

But as Jack started to go deeper in his training with Shail and Alsan, Vic became a more integral part of their Resistance. And after the first five episodes that comprise Season 1, Vic receives a powerful upgrade that makes her the most important hero in this story.

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Vic was rescued after her parents were killed by Kirtash as well, with Shail spotting potential in her. However, she doesn't have magic running in her blood, so the fact she's using it makes her a unique entity; someone Shail knows has a big role to play, as seen in past wars.

Vic lives on Earth with her grandma, but she's cleverly hidden from Ashran's agents, allowing her to use the Soul bridge to slip in and out of Limbhad. And make no mistake, while she goes to school and does everything a teen is supposed to do, she's a master of the elements and magical shields. In fact, she feels like Rey, with Shail and Alsan evoking shades of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker in their teachings.

Kirtash is drawn to her power, however, which is why Shail gives her unicorn tears in a locket. These magical creatures are the heartbeat of Idhun and the key to freeing it from Ashran. With these tears, Vic can stay away from the dark side Kirtash is trying to offer her, while evolving her own abilities. But Kirtash is relentless, as he wants to kill or probe the rebels so he can find the last unicorn, Lunnaris, and the last dragon, Yandrak, who Shail hid away but can't retrieve. Vic's job is to help stop Kirtash's finding them, and her massive upgrade comes later on when they travel to Africa and find the Staff of Ayshel.

Ayshel was also a human who could use powerful magic, fighting in the early wars in Idhun and helping the dragons defeat the winged-snakes that tried to invade. Her staff, made from a unicorn's horn, only answered to her and unlocked tremendous power. But when Kirtash and Elrion ambushed the heroes to attain the weapon, it only responded to Vic.

Now, she's become an even more powerful mage, but this places a bigger target on her back, as Kirtash needs her to wield the staff. It won't be easy, though, because holding this relic more or less means she's the second coming of Ayshel. And as the Season 2 trailer shows, she's leveled up big time and is ready to take on Kirtash and Ashran's other agents after Shail sacrificed himself to save her. Think of a younger, more badass female version of Gandalf, and the icing on the cake is, once Vic unlocks the secrets of the staff, she will be able to find the missing creatures and become even stronger, leading the Resistance to free Idhun once and for all.

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