Netflix’s The Idhun Chronicles is Basically a Kylo Ren & Rey Love Story

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of The Idhun Chronicles, currently streaming on Netflix.

Netflix's The Idhun Chronicles gets a bit frustrating when it comes to the young mage, Victoria, and her ambitions of saving Idhun from the dark sorcerer, Ashran. His empire has taken over the magical realm, making all kingdoms subservient to him such as Alsan's Vanissar.

But while Vic's training under Alsan and the sorcerer who saved her in Season 1, Shail, it's easy to tell she's the Chosen One. However, when her story starts to tangle with Ashran's enforcer, Kirtash, it becomes clear they're basically the same as Star Wars' Rey and Kylo Ren.

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Rey and Kylo's relationship is one of Star Wars' most divisive topics. Some fans felt the franchise just focused too much on their romance, and at the wrong times, too. Arguably, it detracted from Rey's mission of saving the galaxy and from Kylo's -- enslaving it. In The Idhun Chronicles, the parallels are very uncanny.

Vic's just like Rey: someone who's said to not have any magic in her blood. Sure, Rey turned out to be a Palpatine and not a random person using the Force, but it's implied Vic's holding a similar secret, too, in her bloodline. As for Rey getting Luke's lightsaber, well, Vic embarks on a similar path as she's the only one able to wield the Staff of Ayshel, a legendary warrior from previous wars.

This helps her to channel light magic, much like Rey uses the Light Side of the Force, and more so, they both can do it in their signature style. Vic also doesn't take as long to level up so clearly, she's going to be the deciding factor in this war. But just like Kylo distracted Rey on her journey, Kirtash does the same, constantly trying to corrupt her and lure her to his side.

He senses her power, a counter-balance to his darkness, and wants her to join him to seemingly overthrow Ashran -- akin to Kylo begging Rey to take his hand so they could kill Snoke and rule the galaxy. The scenes where Kirtash corners Vic, making it clear they're meant to be together, mimic that dynamic most closely. When we also see that, no matter what, they can't kill each other, it's simply Reylo at play. Vic can't deny this inexplicable connection and with Kirtash's fall from grace, it's clear there's a Dyad unfolding.

Vic even loses her mentor, Shail, in the fight against Kirtash and Elrion, throwing a nod back to Han Solo's death at Kylo's hands. To top it off, The Idhun Chronicles even has it's own Finn pining for Vic in Jack, who crushes on her only to realize he's not even in the running for her heart. Vic is in love with Kirtash, conflicted, but like Rey, she wants to redeem him as she senses light, hope and optimism lurking in him. Given how much blood is on his hands, he may end up dying like Kylo after he turned back to Ben Solo. We'll just have to see come Season 2.

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