NERVO Proceeding With Old Avicii Collaboration—Without Late Artist’s Chords and Parts

Superstar sisters NERVO and the Avicii estate have recently cleared up rumors surrounding the unfinished collaboration between the two famed EDM acts. 

In an interview with Mexico-based DJ and journalist Trino Treviño, Liv Nervo confirmed that the duo are currently working on "Let Me Show You Love (Don't Give Up On Us)." However, all of Avicii's contributions have been removed and the track will move forward as an original NERVO tune.

The collaboration wasn't completed before Avicii's untimely passing. Though the Avicii estate have confirmed that there is a large amount of unreleased music floating around from the legendary producer, it's still unclear when or if that music will ever be released. Thus, at the behest of the estate, NERVO have opted to proceed with "Let Me Show You Love" as an original track, remaking it into something entirely new. 

NERVO pictured with Avicii

NERVO pictured with Avicii.

“It isn’t an Avicii collab," Liv Nervo explained to Billboard, "because his family won’t allow us so, we’re just remaking an old song we wrote which Tim did a track to. He called it 'Enough Is Enough,' but the original song is called 'Let Me Show You Love.'”

"It’s a completely new track," she continued. "None of Tim's chords or parts are being used.”

NERVO's representative also added that "Let Me Show You Love (Don't Give Up On Us)" will be released as a NERVO original "at some point in the future yet to be determined."