Naruto: Mourning Clouds Features Shikamaru & Temari’s Best Moment

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Naruto: Shikamaru's Story - Mourning Clouds by Takashi Yano and Masashi Kishimoto, available in English from Viz Media.

In Naruto: Shikamaru's Story - Mourning Clouds, the stressed-out side of the Hokage's advisor is laid bare. Shikamaru, despite growing older, clearly still has flaws of old in him. Meanwhile, his wife, Temari, can't stand his laziness at home, and what angers her more is that he's always on the ball at work -- obsessed with getting things right for Naruto. Temari wants some of that attention in the household.

Nonetheless, while this novel focuses on them fighting a lot, it also dives deep into their best moment -- one filled with romance and inspiration.

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Since the Naruto series, the couple has had always had tension between them, making it all the more surprising when they got together. Temari hated Shikamaru's lax attitude, which led to them almost fighting when Konoha and Sunagakure were at odds. Eventually, they fell in love but this new novel finds Shikamaru at his very worst, unable to match his wife's growth. He even forgets their anniversary and isn't parenting Shikadai well, pissing Temari off who is doing all the chores and simply asking him to do the bare minimum in return. She forgives him, though, as she's heard whispers that the ninja alliance could be fractured and thrust into a new war, meaning her husband must be under a lot of pressure.

Her understanding turns to upset when he doesn't open up to her about it. He doesn't want to burden her with drama, not remembering that Temari is his rock and wants to support him. She may not be a badass warrior in the field anymore but she can still counsel soldiers, as she did with Gaara when they led the Hidden Village in the Sand. Shikamaru eventually gets a summit called for all the feudal lords, at which he and Naruto are to plead their case for peace, but just before he leaves, Temari holds a meeting of her own with her beloved.

She's in tears as she recalls a past mission when they were younger in the Land of Iron. Shikamaru snuck off as he had to assassinate a warlord, Gengo -- something not even many people in Konoha knew. She alone figured it out, but when she asked to help, he refused her. Temari decked him for this, a mark of her love, in a sense, to communicate that she didn't want him shouldering this death and guilt on his own. It almost tore them apart back then and Temari affirms it's happening again.

In her hopelessness, she reminds him that he's a "wonderful man" so there's no need to hit him now. She understands what he's going through but she needs him to communicate it, all the same. He can do this with his coworkers yet with her, he's a wall. Temari makes it clear that even if he and Naruto lose, his family will welcome him back as a hero with open arms. It's emotional, sentimental and not something we've seen from her in the past. Her maturity warms Shikamaru up. He embraces her, promises to do better and is revved up to convince the council to avert war, knowing his wife has his back fully.

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