Naruto: Might Guy’s MBTI Type & How it Defines the Taijutsu Master

Naruto is a legendary shonen anime series featuring a lovable cast of characters of all sorts, heroes and villains alike. Some of these characters are renowned for their remarkable ninjutsu techniques, such as Shikamaru's shadow-based hiden jutsu, while other characters are best known for their dazzling personalities, such as the taijutsu expert Might Guy.

Characters such as Might Guy can be analyzed with their MBTI personality types, and their exact type can shed light onto exactly how these characters think and the role they play in the larger story of Naruto, and this can help Naruto fans fall in love with these characters all over again. The energetic, optimistic Might Guy fits just one MBTI personality type, but it's one of the best of all.

Might Guy's MBTI Type: ESFJ-A, The Consul

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Might Guy's MBTI type is the assertive Consul, with his ESFJ code standing for Extraverted Observant Feeling Judging, which all combine to make for a highly people-oriented personality code. The Consul is one of the four "Sentinel" types, such as the ISFJ Defender type, although the Consul also has considerable overlap with the ESFP Entertainer type as well, except Consuls tend to be more rules-oriented and disciplined than the carefree, "live in the moment" Entertainer type. Still, a Consul and an Entertainer would readily agree that life is only worth living with other people, and everyone should be having fun.

The ESFJ personality type is an altruistic one, similar to Mediators and Defenders, and this outgoing personality type prefers to use rules and tradition to uplift, inspire and motivate the people around it, which in turn can make the Consul feel needed and useful. Consuls feel validated when they can see the results of their altruism, being people-oriented individuals, and they don't necessarily ask for much in return.

Consuls are more stable and rule-oriented than Mediators and Defenders, which makes them even more reliable and efficient with their generous efforts, although that doesn't make them dry and "boring" compared to personality types like the INTJ Architect or he ISTJ Logistician. Consuls are warm and friendly individuals who are comfortable in any group, and they don't mind being the center of attention as long as they get a chance to help others and respect the hierarchy. ESFJ Consuls are almost like armchair coaches or motivational speakers, and they may enjoy finding careers as a trainer, official coach or motivator -- anything that involves helping other people.

ESFJs are prized for their practical and hands-on abilities, using their rule-oriented personalities to create schedules, programs and much more for themselves and people who need it, such as training to play a sport, and they also have a strong sense of duty, similar to Defenders, which makes them even more reliable and trustworthy. Consuls are noted for having an easy time connecting to people on a personal level and earning other people's trust with their warm, engaging personalities.

On the downside, they might worry too much about their social status, which can lead to insecurity, and they may be highly sensitive to criticism or personal attacks, given their people-oriented nature. ESFJs might also be too inflexible or stubborn with their lifestyle, and they could project their own ideas too much onto other people. They must find and respect boundaries if they intend to truly help others.

Might Guy As A Consul In Naruto

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Might Guy's generous, upbeat personality, combined with his strict discipline as a taijutsu master, mark him as an assertive ESFJ Consul who is happy to share his secrets to success with anyone who will listen. Hyuga Neji and Tenten weren't so interested, but the taijutsu-exclusive Rock Lee immediately saw Might Guy as a role model, even a foster father, and Might Guy doted on Rock Lee in return.

Might Guy's empathetic and charismatic nature made a strong impression on Lee, who began emulating Might Guy in every way he could, from his haircut to his revised outfit and much more. Might Guy may be proud of his taijutsu prowess, but he feels truly validated when he gets a chance to share it with others, namely Rock Lee, and that marks him as a Consul. Putting others first is what Consuls like Might Guy do.

Might Guy's strong empathy showed itself during the chunin exam, when he was moved to tears upon seeing Rock Lee push himself beyond his limits to face the naturally talented Gaara of the Sand; not even Kakashi or Kurenai is that sensitive to their own students. Might Guy feared that he had pushed Rock Lee too hard, and he was distraught to hear that Tsunade's surgery might result in Rock Lee never fighting again. A sensitive ESFJ like Might Guy would be devastated if a favorite student washed out like that, but to Might Guy's relief, Rock Lee recovered in time to fight villains such as Kimimaro later on. Clearly, Rock Lee embodies the springtime of youth, just like Might Guy, and that empathetic can-do attitude is 100% ESFJ.

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