My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Climax: Hachiman FINALLY Confesses To [SPOILER]]

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 3, Episode 11 of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, “Only a Heated Touch Truly Conveys the Sentiment,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

As the series winds down, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU finally delivers on what fans have been waiting for. The episode starts off with Hachiman and Shizuka continuing with their conversation at the batting cage. Shizuka tells Hachiman that he’s over thinking Haruno’s comments on the Service Club’s codependency, and helps him finally get to the heart of his feelings.

As the graduation ceremony concludes, Yui waits for Hachiman by their lockers and the two go for a walk. They stop by a nearby park and Yui asks Hachiman if he’s okay with how things are, and insists that he give her an honest answer. Hachiman acknowledges that he isn’t happy with the current status quo, and tells Yui that he’s scared that he and Yukino will drift apart with the Service Club being disbanded.

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Realizing that she’s been rejected, Yui tells Hachiman that her final wish is for the three of them to continue spending time like they used to. Hachiman accepts and promises to be better with expressing himself going forward. After their talk, Hachiman escorts Yui home. She initially feels as though she she won’t cry, but breaks down at home as her mother consoles her.

Iroha interrogates Yoshiteru and the gaming club over the dummy prom once she notices that it’s still scheduled to happen. After trying to avoid the subject, they eventually tell her it was Hachiman’s idea and that they’ve been helping in good faith. Iroha then mentions that Mrs. Yukinoshita is meeting with Hachiman and lets it slip that things always go wrong when she’s around. Back in the meeting room, Shizuka, Hachiman and Yukino meet with Mrs. Yukinoshita and Haruno to discuss the dummy prom event. Though Mrs. Yukinoshita is adamant about not proceeding with the event, Hachiman labels it as a volunteer-run gathering, circumventing her and the PTO’s authority.

When asked why he wants to proceed with the plan, Hachiman references something Haruno said about the actual prom, and claims to be dissatisfied with its results. Hachiman suggests Yukino help manage the prom, and Mrs. Yukinoshita leaves the decision to her. After hearing what kind of challenges awaits her should she accept Hachiman’s offer, Yukino agrees to help out and the dummy prom is ultimately approved.

As they walk home, Yukino talks about what happened during the meeting. She expresses her surprise over her mother’s willingness to let the event happen, but questions Hachiman’s motives. When she asks him about his promise to fulfil Yui’s wish, Hachiman tells her that what he’s working towards fulfilling it by bringing the three of them together.

Hachiman confronts Yukino and tells her that due to their poor communication skills, they’d likely fall out of touch with each other if they continued on the path they were on and drifted apart following the Service Club’s disbandment. Yukino tells Hachiman that she’s trying to resolve her communication issues and quickly tries to walk away from him. Surprised by her response, Hachiman hesitates for a moment but eventually catches up to Yukino. Hachiman finally gets the courage to tell Yukino how he feels about her, and says that he appreciates her for both her good and bad qualities. Yukino reciprocates his feelings and the two embrace.