My Next Life as a Villainess: Who’s Winning the Katarina Harem Race After Season 2?

Season 2 of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom has wrapped up and the competition for Katarina's heart is fierce as ever. While Katarina herself remains oblivious to the petty squabbles erupting around her, some characters finally made their intentions clear, while others planned for a future at Katarina's side. At the same time, other characters made little headway in their romantic endeavors, which may spell the end for their chances. With all the alliances, confessions, realizations and even newcomers to the competition, Season 2 provided a complete shake-up to the rankings, whether the subject of their affection realizes it or not. Here's a look at who fell behind this season and who made major progress.

Left in the Dust: Mary, Alan, Sophia

My Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom

Mary is aggressive in her tactics, but most of these seemed to be leveled against Geordo rather than at Katarina. With hardly any time alone with Katarina this season, Mary is more an obstacle for the others than a viable love interest, and short of an actual proposal, Katarina is likely to brush Mary's feelings aside as friendship.

Alan simply lacked time with Katarina this season. Whereas Season 1 had their childhood bonding and the touching scene in the tree where Alan realized the extent of his feelings, Season 2 barely had any time for Alan and Katarina alone, and their few interactions often came off much more casual than romantic, with teasing about Katarina's appetite and general banter.

Sophia seems quite content with having Katarina as a close friend as long as it means that Nicol is triumphant. While Sophia's feelings have veered toward romantic at times, at the end of the day, she is here to support her brother and be Katarina's book buddy.

Leaps and Bounds: Geordo, Keith, Nicol, Maria, Sora

My Next Life as a Villainess : All Routes Lead to Doom

Geordo used his position as Katarina's fiancé to make some major progress, even getting in a few kisses and a love confession. However, Katarina's reaction to this is mixed. Sometimes she is oblivious to his feelings, sometimes she blushes, and sometimes she seems uncomfortable with his advances. Most importantly, Katarina has made it clear that she has absolutely no interest in becoming royalty.

Keith also made strides in his pseudo-incestuous race for his adopted sister's heart. After being kidnapped, he was left half in a daze when he kissed Katarina, but when she later said they could forget all about it, he boldly confessed his love. Katarina is already devoted to her little brother, but whether she (and their parents) will accept his romantic feelings is a story for another season.

Nicol didn't make any bold advances like Geordo or Keith, but he did become a book buddy. Nicol owning up to his feelings and deciding to pursue Katarina is a huge step for him, and he has Sophia's support the whole way. He also has the ability to constantly render Katarina speechless and blushing with a single glance, and his slow and steady approach may be more down Katarina's alley.

Maria was not the center of Katarina's attention as in Season 1, but she still was a constant source of support throughout. When the dollhouse revealed everyone's other life, Maria was the only one of the harem whose dream did not include Katarina, but rather a life where she had the muscles to make more sweets for everyone. Since Maria is as smitten as everyone else, her dream could actually indicate that, unlike Mary, she has less of an unhealthy obsession with Katarina and merely seeks the means to make her happy. During the search for Keith, she asked Katarina if it would be alright to stay by her side forever, and Katarina naturally acquiesced. The two have entered the Department of Magic together, which means Maria will be right by Katarina's side as Fortune Lover 2 unfolds.

Sora was the dark horse of this season, appearing as an attractive butler and then transforming into the bad boy with a sad backstory. While not a member of the original harem, he's made his interest known as well as teamed up with Mary to prevent Geordo's advances. He and Katarina also hold their promise to travel together someday, and he'll be close to Katarina in the Department of Magic.

Katarina has started to catch on to the romantic feelings people have for her as they've all come to realize that subtlety isn't an option, but will one member of the harem truly win out? Katarina seems quite happy to be single for now, displaying no particular romantic feelings for anyone. Although the surprise of Fortune Lover 2 has turned everything upside down, at least one thing is for sure going forward: Katarina always has Anne.

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