My Next Life as a Villainess: What Katarina Claes’ MBTI Type Says About Her

My Next Life as a Villainess is a popular otome isekai anime series starring a high school girl who finds herself in her favorite otome game, Fortune Lover. However, she is reborn not as the heroine Maria Campbell, but as the aristocratic bully Katarina Claes, the despicable villainess -- although this new Katarina Claes is a whole different animal than Fortune Lover's original antagonist.

The new Katarina Claes embarks on a mission to avoid her character's doom flags by preventing Maria Campbell from falling in love, thus preventing Fortune Lover's plot from resolving in Maria's favor against Katarina. Without any doom ending to worry about, Katarina is free to enjoy her cheerful life with her lovely friends, and her personality can be easily described in terms of the MBTI test.

Katarina Claes' MBTI Personality Type: ESFP-T, The Entertainer

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Due to her friendly and playful nature, Katarina Claes is an ESFP-T, a turbulent Entertainer character type. Entertainers are lively and sociable people who thrive on the attention and support of others, and they tend to make a show of just about everything. Entertainers aren't the type to let their actions speak for them or imply anything. They are quick to host a party, get a group of friends together for a fun outing, become involved in the arts and more. Entertainers are extraverted, hence the E in their code, and they are also notably observant, feeling and prospecting to make up the rest of the ESFP type.

An entertainer will live in the moment and not worry too much about the future or what-ifs, but they won't necessarily dwell on the past either. Entertainers like Katarina Claes enjoy the people and the experiences around them, making the most of every single day. While they enjoy themselves in the carnival of their daily life, Entertainers are also altruistic, friendly and helpful, and quick to empathize with a friend and provide emotional support. It's true that Katarina Claes is famously dense, hence her nickname "Bakarina," but if she does become aware of a friend's woes, she will drop everything and rush to help.

Entertainers are also noted for being spontaneous and quick-witted, which can indeed make them more entertaining to their friends. Aside from her overall plan to rewrite everyone's love lives to avoid her doom flags, Katarina lives her colorful life day by day; she's not the type to plan ahead or scheme like a chess master. She would burn out her brain's circuits trying that.

Katarina Claes As An Entertainer In My Next Life As A Villainess

My Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom

Ever since her isekai adventure began, Katarina Claes has been a model Entertainer, or ESFP, and that started with her childhood as the young daughter of a noble family. Instead of being a selfish brat, this new Katarina loved to play with her foster brother Keith, her fiance Geordo Stuart and the other major characters of Fortune Lover.

For her own amusement, as well as to avoid her doom flags, Katarina kept her friends happy with outdoor adventures and hobbies, and she encouraged her friends to find happiness with their own talents and interests. For example, she helped Alan Stuart nurture his talent with the piano, and Keith gained serious self-confidence and avoided his future as a shameless womanizer. Most of all, in her adolescence, Katarina befriended Maria Campbell herself and protected her happiness at all costs.

Throughout My Next Life as a Villainess, Katarina whimsically cruised her way through high society as a well-dressed prankster and friend -- a true isekai Entertainer. In fact, she actually succeeded too well during her quest, and all her friends fell in love with their carefree and altruistic common friend Katarina Claes. A handful of boys and girls alike cherished her as their one true love, and as a true Entertainer, Katarina barely noticed, simply moving on to the next picnic, dungeon adventure or social event with a smile on her face.

In the show's second season, Katarina was clear of all her doom flags, and she lived as an Entertainer more than ever. She made up her daily life as it came to her, sampling snacks and desserts while also casually getting to know the next two Stuart brothers, Jeffrey and Ian, and their finances, Suzanna Randall and Selene Berg respectively. Katarina also found herself in a stage production early in Season 2 and ad-libbed her role as an evil stepsister, creatively channeling the original Katarina Claes to really sell it. The audience loved it, and Katarina became an Entertainer in more ways than one.

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