My Next Life as a Villainess Reveals a Shadowy Threat to Katarina

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 2, Episode 1 of My Next Life as a Villainess, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The reborn Katarina Claes has one mission: to navigate the sprawling story of the Fortune Lover otome game as the villainess, and make sure the game does not end the way it originally did -- with Katarina's death. The good news is that she succeeded, but might have done so a little too well, forming a harem she can't possibly handle.

All the same, Katarina kept the heroine, Maria Campbell, away from Geordo Stuart as a potential lover in Season 1, meaning her two main doom endings are impossible. Now in My Next Life as a Villainess Season 2, a new school year has begun and Katarina thinks she's in the clear. Unfortunately, the premiere proves she couldn't be more wrong.

Someone Is Following Katarina Claes At The School Festival

Katarina is on cloud nine at Season 2's start. She successfully avoided all the doom flags during the first season, and her inner mini-selves know it too. Looking to relax and savor her freedom, she attends a school festival to cheer herself up even more. All of Katarina's good friends/lovers are gathering there too, and they all want a piece of her.

Katarina is also hoping to avoid her strict mother seeing her prance around the festival, so she hides for a moment to check before resuming her adventure. But she isn't the only one on the lookout. Deeper in the alleyway, where Katarina hid behind a crate, an unknown man is following her, and a brief scene shows his black shoes and dress pants as he listens to Katarina scamper off.

In the last season, Katarina handled the villain Raphael Walt (posing as Sirius Dieke), but this new person might be too much for her to handle alone. What are his plans for the oblivious villainess? So far, it's anyone's guess.

Katarina Meets More Stuart Brothers & Overhears Concerning News

messenger to geordo villainess

With the gears of fate are already turning during this festival, Raphael, in disguise, greets Katarina and Maria as a friend. Katarina also learns that Maria joined him at the Department of Magic, intending to enhance her light magic and thus be worthy of Katarina's company. She once intended to live a humble and obscure life, but now she's a little more ambitious. Katarina resolves to also join the Department so she can hone her rather weak earth magic and stay by Maria's side. However, if that stalker is about to make trouble for the villainess, then Maria might get caught up in it too, and Katarina's enemies might capture Maria to get to her.

Meanwhile, Katarina rejoins Geordo and Alan, then meets the other two Stuart brothers, Ian and Jeffrey. The latter is lively and fun-loving while the former is certainly not. The brothers also introduce their charming fiancees, Selena Berg and Susanna Randall. It's a lovely meet-and-greet... until a messenger arrives for Geordo, warning him of a serious problem that's developing elsewhere.

Katarina is already on her guard -- who could possibly wish her friends harm after the problems of last year were resolved so neatly? Most likely, that mysterious man following Katarina around is involved, and she might not see him coming until it's too late. The new school year in My Next Life as a Villainess Season 2 promises to be an exciting one.

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