My Hero Academia’s Side Characters Are the CRUELEST Parts of the Series

Whether you're caught up on the ongoing My Hero Academia manga or brand new to its anime counterpart, the superhero series quickly captivates audiences with its incredible characters. Beyond the underdog tale of protagonist Izuku Midoriya -- or Deku -- helming the "hero's journey arc," there is a long list of characters worth following. Fans of the series may find themselves wanting more of the supporting characters that have shown great promise and lovable personalities since the series beginning, but as the story progresses, sadly the likeliness of that happening seems slim.

One fan-favorite character that deserves more time is the hero known as Froppy, or simply Tsuyu Asui. Deku's frog-Quirked classmate has shown great strength and focus, with an ability to bravely take charge of stressful situations. During the internship arc in Season 2, Episode 32 "Everyone's Internships," Tsuyu gets a shot at the spotlight. Joining forces with the hero, Selkie, Tsuyu helps track down and stop the villain Innsmouth in the act. Tsuyu's growth is prominent throughout and her quirky personality makes her even more loveable.

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My Hero Academia Season 1 Class 1A
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First introduced in Season 2, Episode 2, "Roaring Sports Festival," Hitoshi Shinso immediately becomes interesting. The brainwashing student of the U.A.'s Hero Program class 1B showcases his strong personality when challenging the entirety of class 1A in the annual U.A. Sports Festival and questions whether or not they are worthy of a spot in the class. This naturally causes strong reactions among the more hotheaded superheroes rising in class 1A. In the second challenge of the Sports Festival, where Shinso battles Deku, it quickly becomes clear that his Quirk has a dangerous amount of power.

What makes Shinso so compelling is that his Quirk is more commonly associated with villainy -- yet his drive is to prove his good intentions using his abilities still mark him out as a hero. Seeing more of Shinso's day-to-day activities as he finds creative ways to use his powerful skill, battling his inner conflict and coping with the nature of his Quirk, would be a narrative worth exploring.

A hero that has the potential of becoming the most versatile talent is Momo Yaoyorozu. The hero's Quirk "Create," earning her the title of the Everything Hero, is both powerful and relatable. Momo's insecurities first come to light during the U.A. Sports Festival when she underperforms in a battle against Fumikage Tokoyami. Still, she works hard to overcome this and has a strong sense of justice. When Bakugo is taken hostage by Shigaraki, Momo doesn't hesitate to join Kirishima on a dangerous rescue mission that breaks both rules and laws.

She is highly intelligent and by obtaining knowledge of more molecular structures, her creation Quirk becomes limitless. Momo has all the characteristics needed to be a leading lady of her own; plus, seeing more of her personal life would be interesting in her rise to become a Pro Hero.

My Hero Academia continues to be one of the most successful and beloved anime of all time, and it's easy to want more of almost every character. The cruelty of having such a fantastic roster of interesting characters is that not everyone can get their fair share of screen time. Ultimately, we follow Deku's journey to becoming the Number #1 hero. Side characters given more screen time mainly function as catalysts and motivation in Deku's growth and rise, and therefore, unfortunately, fewer side characters get a spot up and center.

Whether or not the fan-favorites mentioned here, or others such as Shihai Kuroiro, Itsuka Kendo or Nejire Hado will face a big arc next is yet to be discovered in the anime.

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