My Hero Academia’s Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory, Explained

The world of My Hero Academia looks like a wonderful place to live at first, what with all those fantastical Quirks. Who wouldn't want to be born able to breathe fire, levitate objects with the mind or breathe underwater? However, all these supernatural Quirks are already straining society at every level, and before long, the world will face its breaking point: the Quirk singularity.

Ever since that glowing Chinese baby was born a few generations ago, Quirks have changed the game in arenas ranging from politics to law, education and military/police deployment. Reconciling the Quirks' existence with those older institutions has been a real headache. If the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory is true, even the top heroes may be unprepared for what comes next. The villains might like it though.

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Signs The Quirk Singularity Is Coming

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Quirks are a part of nature in My Hero Academia, genetic and an integral part of their carriers. And like any evolutionary process, there is room for improvement and change. Many times, nature has proven itself incredibly adaptable and resourceful in response. The same is true of Quirks, but on a bigger and potentially more destructive scale. Each new generation is more powerful than the last Quirk-wise, and an arms race is brewing between the heroes and villains. It's clear that the breaking point is coming soon.

For one thing, when Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki failed the provisional hero test and took a remedial course, they saw first hand that today's children bear more diverse and powerful Quirks than ever. On a genetic level, Quirks keep blending and evolving to form more complex and impactful abilities, and no one can predict how far this process will go or how it will manifest. Even talented students such as Bakugo and Shoto were taken aback -- before long, natural prodigies like them will become routine. Quirks such as having horns or seeing in the dark will soon seem laughable, and the ante will keep rising.

Another sign of Quirk singularity is the concept of Quirk marriages, with Shoto being the product of such an institution. Society frowns upon these marriages, but as Quirks keep getting stronger, more and more people might turn to Quirk marriages to keep up, ensuring their children don't fall behind with simple, outdated Quirks such as bendy arms or night vision. Shoto is an exception for now, but he is a proof of concept. People on both the heroes' and villains' side may do this to perpetuate the arms race.

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Furthermore, society is already struggling to keep up with Quirks. Villains and heroes alike cause incredible property damage during their fights, and there seems to be no way to prevent that from happening. The costs add up quickly. People with crafty Quirks can destabilize entire cities or governments with abilities such as mind-reading, illusions, or Hitoshi Shinso's brainwashing ability, and there may not be enough superheroes to guard all the world's politicians and military leaders at the same time. Conventional leaders, police officers and military personnel may become obsolete as Quirks take over among both heroes and villains.

By this point, absolutely no one is born Quirkless. Everyone who has them becomes a potential pawn for powerful heroes or villains who may want to recruit them. Before long, the world may be run entirely by the strongest Quirk wielders who rule not just through combat ability, but charisma and influence. It may not be total anarchy unless the villains win, but society as a whole will still be transformed with new rules and power players.

No president, prime minister, general or chief of police will retain their power and influence in the face of hero and villain factions, and that is bound to shake up everything from international politics and law to business, economics, education and even culture and art. Hopefully the heroes can keep up with the villains, otherwise the world of My Hero Academia will become a permanent paradise for monsters. Not even Tartarus could contain them all.

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