My Hero Academia: Yaoyorozu Momo’s Zodiac Sign & What It Says About Creati

My Hero Academia is a mega-hit shonen action series by author Kohei Horikoshi, who populated his superhero manga/anime series with a dazzling variety of characters in an ensemble cast. Protagonist Midoriya Izuku gets the most character development as the shonen hero, but plenty of his friends and classmates could be shonen heroes in their own series, too.

This includes the likes of Bakugo Katsuki, Shoto, Ochaco, and Momo. Each one receives substantial development in their Quirks, their personalities, worldviews, self-image, and more. This makes it easier to determine how well they align with their astrological signs, and those signs can shed even more light on how characters like Yaoyorozu Momo think. There's more to Momo than meets the eye.

Yaoyorozu Momo's Astrological Sign: Libra, The Scales Of Balance

Yaoyorozu Momo was born on September 23rd, meaning she is a Libra, one of the three air signs of astrological lore. Like the other two air signs, Libra is about flexibility, creativity, and a free spirit. Libras also love justice and balance most of all. This air sign is fittingly represented with a set of scales, which evokes images of justice, fairness, balance, and compromise. A typical Libra embodies all those values and more. The sign Libra is ruled by the seventh house, meaning it puts a strong emphasis on other people and tries to empower them. Libras like to be surrounded by good people whom they can trust and respect, and draw power and inspiration from them, which echoes Aquarius' "power to the "people" theme. Libra is also ruled by the astrological body Venus, the symbol of love and beauty, suggesting that Libras see beauty in the world around them.

By nature, those born under the sign Libra are elegant, patient, diplomatic, and favor peace over conflict. This makes them charming people who are easy to get along with and befriend, though they don't like dealing with vain or stubborn people. Despite being an air sign, Libra shares the earth signs' values of diligence and hard work, but for different reasons. Earth signs might work for their own sake, but the justice-oriented Libra works hard for the sake of others, to keep the world in balance and maintain harmony. Then again, Libras are liable to become full of themselves when surrounded by like-minded people, and they may become upset if anyone whatsoever disapproves of them or contradicts their ideas. A Libra's inner balance is, oddly enough, easily disrupted.

Yaoyorozu Momo As A Libra In My Hero Academia


Momo embodies many Libra values during her time in My Hero Academia, starting with her personality. True to her sign, Momo is a patient and dutiful person who always puts the needs of others first. She also has a strong sense of justice and fairness. She can be tricky and devious in battle, but she would never lie to anyone, not even to tell a white lie, and she can't stand the thought of bullying or verbal abuse. Instead, Momo is quick to assist others and help them draw out their potential because once the stragglers catch up with the pack, balance is stored. When several class 1-A students voiced concerns about a written exam, Momo the Libra didn't hesitate to tutor them at her family's estate. It was thanks to her that every single student passed the written exam, thus preserving the balance in class 1-A. Momo also practiced moderation, caution, and patience during the rogue mission to rescue Bakugo from the League of Villains, contrasting sharply with Iida Tenya's reckless haste to find Stain and get revenge for Tensei. A Libra isn't too quick to rush into things with a head full of steam.

Momo is also a good team player, and while she has solid leadership skills, she is not at all vain or self-absorbed. Instead, Momo lets her actions and plans do the talking, and she sees no need to take credit for anything. The team's overall success is what matters most to her, and even if the team fails, she finds a lesson in the failure to move on. These little gains can offset any defeat to maintain the balance in Momo's mind, such as when she lost to Itsuka's team during the joint training arc's second battle. However, her internal balance was thrown off when she badly lost to Tokoyami Fumikage in the U.A. sports festival, and her balance wasn't restored until Shoto gave her a pep talk during their battle with Aizawa.

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