My Hero Academia: Why EVERYONE Is Underestimating Koji Koda

My Hero Academia's combat system is based around supernatural Quirks, and some of them, such as the legendary One For All or Shoto's Half-Hot Half-Cold, are ideal for combat. Other students at U.A. have Quirks that make them better suited to support roles or even non-combat functions, such as the quiet but brave Koji Koda.

So far in the anime, Koji Koda has been a gentle giant who's content to blend into the background. Still, when considering his Anivoice Quirk's true nature, viewers realize how far Koji has come, and it's clear that this character has been underestimated.

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How Far Koji Has Come

Koji Koda has been a background character thus far, and the same is true of class 1-A students such as Yoga Aoyama, Rikido Sato and the invisible Toru Hagakure. Despite that, Koji has come a long way in a short time, like his more prominent peers Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka, and his classmates have taken notice. At first, Koji was shy and unassertive, and his intense fear of insects contradicted his animal-control Quirk. Some viewers might have wondered how Koji got into U.A. at all, let alone class 1-A in particular, but the school isn't just a stomping ground for powerhouses like Shoto or Bakugo; it's a place for nurturing potential.

Koji didn't make a name for himself during the entrance exams or the U.A. Sports Festival, but when the time came for class 1-A's students to face their teachers, Koji shined. With Kyoka Jiro's encouragement, he overcame his phobia of insects, remembered his heartfelt vow to overcome any challenge and found the strength to overwhelm the noisy Present Mic with an insectile ambush that even Naruto's Shino Aburame would be proud of. Encouraged, Koji held the wounded Jiro in his arms and carried her through the exit gate, allowing them to pass the test.

That momentum carried on as Koji continued adding vital support to his classmates during their provisional hero license exams. He also trained as fervently as anyone else during their forest training camp, raising his voice and calling out to all wild animals. A hero like Koji shouldn't be shy and quiet, especially with a voice-based Quirk, and Koji knew it. He had the resolve and courage to face his fears and deficiencies, and he made remarkable progress, even as a front-line hero. And that's not even where he shines the brightest. As a support hero or non-combat hero, Koji's maximum potential is realized.

Koji Koda, Master Of Animals

It is clear by now that Koji is giving it his all to keep pace with his powerhouse teammates as a hero, and that is remarkable in itself. Still, Koji is noted for having a gentle personality, and he likes to be alone with animals, whether or not his shyness is an issue.

Koji may be best off as a support hero or a sidekick rather than a front-line fighter, and he could even fulfill non-combat roles. There is no shame in a U.A. graduate ending up in a non-combat position since such functions are vital for society and are probably understaffed, anyway. Like his classmates Momo Yaoyorozu with her Creation Quirk, and the humble Ochaco Uraraka, all three could see their Quirks put to practical use outside of hero work.

Koji's Anivoice allows him to speak to animals of all sizes and command them, which is more useful than it sounds. In combat, this can distract or injure a villain with sharks, bears, birds of prey and more. Smaller animals could provide distractions or even serve as surveillance, reporting important information back to Koji. While Koji is a part of the U.A.'s hero program, his Quirk's practical applications -- like an ethical pest controller or zookeeper -- give him more than enough outlets to be exceedingly helpful.

If you consider the various stories from movies and T.V. that feature characters who can speak with animals, it can be an insightful look into the diverse ways Koji could implement his Quirk. From ecological studies to animal safety to hero work, Koji Koda's Anivoice Quirk has many possible avenues where it can be useful -- like finding and protecting endangered species or keeping animals away from disasters like oil spills. While Koji may have his heart set on becoming a hero, he could always lend his abilities to scientists or volunteer workers to help keep both humans and the animals of the natural world safe.

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