My Hero Academia: Why Bakugo’s Howitzer Impact Is His Signature Move

My Hero Academia is full of powerful, mind-bending Quirks with devastating, ultimate abilities. One particularly powerful member of Class 1-A is Katsuki Bakugo, the fan-favorite bad boy and series deuteragonist. His Explosion Quirk is always a joy to watch on the battlefield, and the incredible Howitzer Impact is considered his most iconic signature attack.

Howitzer Impact's immense strength can turn the tide of battle in Bakugo's favor. As he takes to the air, his precisely-controlled explosions launch him into a circular flight path, creating a massive tornado. This tornado then collects oxygen, which he superheats into a subsequent, massive blast. The result is similar to a missile or bomb detonation. In fact, the technique itself is named after a howitzer, a real-life large artillery gun. Bakugo had trouble controlling his favored move at first, but he's enhanced it greatly over time.

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My Hero Academia fans first saw the Howitzer Impact in use at the U.A. Sports Festival, where first-year students faced off on the battlefield hoping to catch the attention of and be scouted by Pro Heroes. Needless to say, Bakugo and the other members of Class 1-A had to bring out their best moves.

In a one-on-one fight with fellow classmate Shoto Todoroki, the two students' incredible Quirks seemed like an even match. Unfortunately, Todoroki was hesitant to tap into the fire-based half of his Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk. This proved to be his downfall -- in his hesitation, Bakugo had already taken to the sky. His Howitzer Impact was soon unleashed, and the massive explosion decimated the stadium and sent Todoroki flying. This incredible display earned Bakugo first place in the U.A. Sports Festival. With victory under his belt, he set himself up to further hone his signature technique.

The Howitzer Impact reappeared in the 2018 film My Hero Academia: Two Heroes. Now fighting alongside Todoroki, Bakugo has to face off against Daigo and Nobu. Daigo's gorilla-esque beast form is intimidating, and at first it even knocks away Todoroki's ice and Bakugo's blasts. Bakugo's mobility, however, makes him hard to keep up with. He takes to the air and prepares to unleash the Howitzer Impact. This time, he releases the immense blast without making physical contact with his target. Daigo is defeated, and the Howitzer Impact has evolved to release its explosion from mid-air.

The Howitzer Impact is now even able to maintain its in-flight momentum. The villain Nine has a version of the All For One Quirk that allows him to collect eight Quirks in addition to his Weather Manipulation. This makes him a competent fighter and a deadly foe -- Bakugo and Deku together prove no match for him in their first battle. In their rematch, however, Bakugo is eager to show how his signature move had leveled up. He and Deku team up their Howitzer Impact and Detroit Smash attacks to hold pressure on Nine as long as possible. Now exhibiting even more control over his explosions, Bakugo can maintain his tornado and unleash blasts continuously -- a testament to Bakugo's stamina growth and sheer determination.

Bandai Namco appears to be aware that this is Bakugo's signature ability as well. The Howitzer Impact appears in Jump Force as the My Hero Academia character's ultimate attack. Having honed this Super Move from an uncontrollable explosion to a continuous ranged barrage, the sky is truly the limit for how powerful Howitzer Impact can become.

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