My Hero Academia: What to Know Before Season 5

My Hero Academia is rapidly becoming a generation-defining shonen series, and while the manga is reaching its final arc, the anime is set to pick up at an exciting time in the storyline. Four seasons have been completed, and fans looking forward to Season 5 might want a refresher on the story's most recent events.

The story moves along at a brisk pace, not wasting a single moment in the clash of good vs evil. Protagonist Izuku Midoriya is growing and learning fast, and so are his classmates. At what point in Izuku's story will Season 5 of My Hero Academia begin? And which crucial events in Season 4 may set the stage for Season 5?

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Mirio & Izuku Rescued Eri From Overhaul

Anime My Hero Academia Mirio Lemillion Rescues Eri

Izuku soon joined Sir Nighteye's hero agency and teamed up with Mirio Togata, with both trainee heroes meeting the young Eri while patrolling the streets. They failed to rescue her from the crime boss Overhaul at that time, so they resolved to rectify that mistake when the pro heroes raided the Shie Hassaikai gang's den. Izuku and Mirio both battled with Overhaul personally, and with Eri's aid, Izuku triumphed.

Eri is now in the care of U.A.'s staff and Pro Heroes, recovering mentally and physically from her mistreatment at Overhaul's hands. With any luck, Eri can have a normal, happy childhood at last. Perhaps she will appear again in Season 5?

There Is A Quirk-Erasing Drug Out There

Overhaul didn't kidnap and torment Eri for fun. He was using her unique Quirk to create a Quirk-suppressing bullet that could neutralize heroes with a single shot -- which is how Mirio lost his own Permeation Quirk. Eijiro Kirishima and the Pro Hero Fat Gum first encountered this drug in the streets, and their recovery helped the pro heroes figure out Overhaul's plan and develop a counter-strategy.

This Quirk-erasing drug is a powerful tool that any faction could use. If the Pro Heroes aren't careful, they might face this innovative weapon once again. It also shows just how far crime has progressed under the heroes' noses. Clearly, they can't easily control the criminal underworld, and that bodes ill for Season 5.

The League Of Villains Is Growing Even Bolder

Shigaraki Tomura Dabi Himiko Toga

The League of Villains has suffered some losses, such as the arrests of Muscular, Mustard and Moonfish, and also lost its founder and leader All For One soon after. However, Tomura Shigaraki is rapidly rising as the world's new #1 supervillain, especially since he is All For One's chosen successor just as Izuku is All Might's selected heir. Tomura is the dark Izuku, and he's ready to prove that fact at any opportunity.

Partway through Season 4, for example, Tomura and a few allies captured the defeated Overhaul and destroyed his Quirk to eliminate the competition. The League's numbers are limited, but the surviving members are bold and powerful. No doubt Tomura, the flaming Dabi and the shapeshifting Himiko Toga will be back before long.

All Might's Retirement Is Eroding The World's Peace

All Might smiling

All Might sacrificed the last of his strength to take down All For One, but it was a narrow victory, and at this rate, his ultimate triumph will mean very little. All For One's mission is now Tomura Shigaraki's, and worse yet, it was mainly All Might who acted as a bulwark against evil and chaos. That dam has now been breached as Season 4 made it clear that villains everywhere are more emboldened than ever before, and not even the new generation of top 10 heroes can stop them.

All Might bought the world years of peace but that golden age has since ended, and Season 5 is likely to show the full effects of his critical absence from the scene. Now it's up to Izuku and his friends to carry on the fight, and they're in for the struggle of their lives. The entire world may become a villain's paradise before long.

Endeavor Proved Himself As The New #1 Hero

All Might is no longer the #1 Pro Hero, so the Hero Billboard's reshuffling has begun. As expected, the #2 ranked Endeavor rose to the top, but he might be feeling a little impostor syndrome. After all, he never personally bested All Might the way he intended, and neither has his son Shoto, the product of a Quirk marriage. Endeavor soon faced a serious challenge: the new hooded Nomu, the most powerful Nomu yet seen.

All of Japan watched in horror as the Nomu delivered a beating to the new #1 hero, and unlike All Might, Endeavor inspired neither courage nor hope among the people. Panic took over instead, but just when the situation reached rock bottom, Endeavor turned things around. He went Plus Ultra and destroyed the hooded Nomu with a terrific blow, at last being recognized as the true #1 hero. Shoto was impressed, which may lead to further reconciliation between them in Season 5 -- not to mention renewed hope against evil. Endeavor is truly in the spotlight by now, and he'll stay there. More character development is sure to follow.

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