My Hero Academia: What Ochaco Uraraka’s MBTI Says About the Hero Uravity

My Hero Academia features a colorful and expansive cast of memorable characters, from the heartfelt protagonist Midoriya Izuku to his fierce rival Bakugo Katsuki and his new best friend, the charming Uraraka Ochaco. In many ways, Ochaco is a shonen protagonist in her own right.

Ochaco has humble origins, like Izuku, and she has to work hard for everything she has. She has come a long way since her introduction early in the series, and by now, it's easy to assess and analyze Ochaco's personality and behavior with the MBTI test. Her results speak for themselves in the story of My Hero Academia.

Uraraka Ochaco's MBTI Personality Type: ESFJ-T, The Consul

My Hero Academia: How Ochaco’s Role in the Series Has Grown

Ochaco's personality clearly pegs her as an ESFJ-T, or a turbulent version of the Consul personality type. The four-letter code for Consuls stands for Extroverted Sensing Feeling Judging, describing a person who is highly attuned to the emotions, interests and outlook of everyone around them. As extroverts, Consuls like Ochaco are people-oriented and draw their energy from juggling many strong, genuine friendships and working hard to keep those relationships healthy. Consuls like Ochaco can't help but connect to everyone around them and make sure the entire group is happy. Consuls are selfless that way, and this makes them easy to appreciate and trust.

Consuls aren't just social butterflies, though. They're also fairly practical and tradition-oriented people who like to follow the rules and keep things in neat order, which makes them a sort of leadership figure. ESFJs aren't necessarily strict disciplinarians or completely inflexible, but they prefer stability and practical courses of action over inventing their own rules on the fly. This sets them apart from the ESFP, or the Entertainer, since Entertainers like to whimsically flow from one fun activity to another and never plan ahead. Consuls, by contrast, need some stability and consistency so the group can remain cohesive.

ESFJs are also noted for their strong sense of duty and responsibility for the sake of others and society as a whole, and they will work hard to make sure everyone is secure, happy and understood. This overlaps with the Protagonist personality type -- a person who can't help but support and empower everyone around them. The key difference is that Consuls are humbler than Protagonists and don't have the same larger-than-life charisma and confidence. Protagonists want to be applauded and viewed as a heroic symbol, while Consuls don't. On the downside, this means that Consuls can be somewhat vulnerable to criticism and act rather needy at times, lacking the dazzling heroic confidence of Protagonists.

Uraraka Ochaco As A Consul In My Hero Academia

Ochaco Gets Worried In My Hero Academia

Nearly everything Ochaco says and does is in the service of someone else, including her reason for becoming a pro hero in the first place. Ochaco didn't want to admit it at first, but her main goal is to earn paychecks as a pro hero, and send that money back to her kind parents and repay them for supporting her despite the Uraraka family's poverty. Only a responsible, selfless Consul would become a hero for that reason, and Izuku and Tenya Iida were touched.

Many times in My Hero Academia, Ochaco pushes herself to the limit for others, and she greatly enjoys extending a hand to her friends and allies. She was the first person to warmly welcome Izuku to the U.A. school and befriend him, and Izuku quickly returned the favor, thus beginning their enduring friendship.

Ochaco is a highly cooperative and humble teammate during activities such as the U.A. sports festival and the joint training exercise against class 1-B, and she will gladly do her part without needing any praise or acknowledgment. She also rushed to Tsuyu Asui's aid against the villainous Himiko Toga despite the risks, which ended in Himiko acquiring a sample of Ochaco's blood. But a Consul like Ochaco couldn't just run away -- she'd feel terrible about leaving Tsuyu all alone.

Ochaco's vulnerable side presented itself after she lost to Bakugo Katsuki, and she was in tears when she spoke to her father over the phone. Consuls like her are best defined by how they support others, and if Ochaco can't defeat foes such as Bakugo, perhaps she'd be too weak to succeed as a hero and support her family. It wasn't Ochaco's pride that was hurt -- it was her confidence that took the blow; her confidence that she can patiently accomplish her goals and serve everyone as a caped Consul. Fortunately, Ochaco got over it and resumed her journey to becoming a true pro before long.

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