My Hero Academia: What Himiko Toga’s MBTI Says About the Villain

My Hero Academia imagines a bizarre future where supernatural Quirks are a part of life, but they affect more than just a person's ability to fight crime or breathe fire. Quirks often shape the personality and lifestyle of their wielders, and unfortunately, some set their owners on the path of villainy from an early age. Tomura Shigaraki and Himiko Toga are examples of this.

Himiko was once an ordinary junior high student but longed for blood to fuel her Transform Quirk, finally snapping and killing a classmate on graduation day. Now she runs free with the League of Villains, and it's her goal to find an idol, emulate them, then stain them in blood. What is Himiko's MBTI personality type, and how does she express it in My Hero Academia?

Himiko Toga's MBTI Personality Type: ESFP-A, The Entertainer

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MHA's Himiko Toga is a dark version of the ESFP-A personality type, or the Entertainer with an assertive streak. Entertainers are spontaneous, fun-loving and emotionally sensitive people who thus often do well in artistic pursuits, such as acting or hosting a talk show. Himiko, however, wouldn't host a talk show or appear in a sitcom. She is a yandere, an aggressive lover who will stalk a love interest and harm anyone who gets in her way. Yanderes can sometimes be Entertainers but with aspects of obsession and jealousy, along with altruism and empathy toward others.

The ESFP-A personality type stands for Extraverted Observant Feeling Prospecting Assertive, meaning Himiko is a people person who thrives in a busy social life filled with adventure and creative works. Entertainers like her see everything as a live performance and long for attention, approval, friendship and love from others.

Despite this need for attention and gratification, Entertainers like Himiko aren't entirely self-absorbed -- they are also closely attuned to the needs and emotions of others, and are often empathetic and kind. They also tend to avoid serious conflict, and don't always plan ahead or formulate complex strategies for their education, work or life in general. Entertainers might also seem restless and impatient in the eyes of more introverted MBTI personality types.

Himiko Toga As An ESFP-A In My Hero Academia

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In My Hero Academia, Himiko Toga is a villainous Entertainer, a hedonistic and whimsical villain who will stalk, harm and threaten others for the sake of her own pleasure. Longing for validation and fun, Himiko felt suffocated by what she perceived as restrictive and unfair rules of society. She wanted so badly to express her need for blood and love, and this alienated her from everyone when she finished junior high school. From that point on, she enjoyed the total freedom the League of Villains could offer, enabling her reckless and sadistic ways as a dark Entertainer.

Himiko acts on her own volition, only loosely following Shigaraki's or Kurogiri's instructions while operating as a villain. She whimsically attacked Ochaco Uraraka and Tsuyu Asui in the forest training camp, and spontaneously fell in love with the bloodstained Izuku Midoriya when she laid eyes on him. She also developed a crush on Ochaco around that time and has been obsessing over them ever since, longing to learn about them, become like them, then kill them. To Himiko, her villainous career isn't to change the world or make a point -- she wants love and fun, nothing more.

Himiko is also highly perceptive of other people, shown in her ability to thoroughly understand another person's behavior and interests before mimicking them, which she did to Shiketsu student Camie Utsushimi. In addition, Himiko empathized greatly with the mentally anguished Twice and comforted him as a fellow outcast from society. Only extraverted personalities such as an Entertainer could have done that.

Later in My Hero Academia, Himiko refused to compromise who or what she is by desperately fighting the Meta Liberation Army to protect her privacy and freedom. She is determined to live her life by her own rules and seek pleasure on her own terms, and would sooner perish than be captured or become someone's servant. As an Entertainer, Himiko is the star of her own villainous show, and she won't let the performance end until she is ready.

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