My Hero Academia: What Can We Expect From the Final Arc?

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia, available in English from Viz Media.

The My Hero Academia manga is currently entering its final stages, but there are still more than a few loose ends that need tying up. Currently, hero society is still reeling from the effects of the Paranormal Liberation War. Pro Heroes are retiring en masse as public opinion of them continues to fall and it’s clear that Shigaraki, with All For One, has achieved his aim of destroying the reputation of heroes.

The scandals involving the top two Pro Heroes don’t paint them in a more favorable light, either. Meanwhile, escaped villains are wreaking havoc, unchecked, and with the available heroes spread too thin, citizens are taking matters into their own hands and fighting back when they feel threatened; an act that often leads to greater destruction due to their inexperience in combat. Without a Symbol of Peace in sight, it’s clear the situation is only going to get bleaker.

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There’s also been a lot of things revealed in previous arcs that haven't been resolved yet. So, as the series draws to a close, we can be sure that they too will make a reappearance before My Hero Academia ends. Taking all of this into account, here's what we can expect the final arc to tie up.

A Resolution to the Todoroki Family Drama

Todoroki Uses Fire & Ice

During the war, Dabi revealed he was actually Touya Todoroki all along -- Shoto's older brother and son to Endeavor. After almost killing Shoto, he publicized the abuse he’d suffered as a child in the new Number #1 Pro Hero's household, permanently staining Endeavor’s professional honor. Dabi escaped capture and his whereabouts are currently unknown, but the rest of his family is dead-set on capturing and bringing him to justice. The Todorokis don’t have a concrete plan in mind yet, but they intend to face their dark past together as a family.

The final arc should bring them face to face with Dabi one again, and however their issues get resolved, it’s bound to be as satisfying as it is entertaining. Will Dabi be swayed by his father’s sincere attempts at redemption, or will Enji be forced to deal with the monster of his own creation in the worst way possible?

The U.A Traitor Will be Revealed

Class 1-A in their hero outfits

My Hero Academia has been teasing a traitor at U.A for a while now. After top-secret information -- such as Class 1-A’s lesson with All Might at USJ and the location of the summer training camp -- were leaked to the League of Villains, the staff begin to suspect the existence of a spy in their or the students’ midst. If one does exist, they’ve done a pretty good job of laying low so far. If a final big confrontation does happen between the heroes and villains, they would likely be forced to make their allegiance clear, blowing their cover.

One For All’s Full Potential & A Shigaraki Rematch

Since the Joint Training arc, Deku has been inching ever closer to discovering all the secrets hidden within One For All. He’s unlocked four of the previous users’ Quirks so far: Black Whip, Float, Danger Sense and Smoke Screen, and already successfully adapted them to his fight style. With three more Quirks to unlock, Deku is only going to get more powerful.

His eventual rematch with Shigaraki is going to be intense and highly emotional as Deku might struggle with his urge to either save the villain -- who’s now being completely puppeteered by All For One -- or kill him, which is what everyone expects him to do. It doesn’t seem likely that we’ll see Deku using One For All at 100 percent consistently, but we might get a glimpse of him using all the previous users’ Quirks in addition to the level of One For All his body can handle at the moment.

U.A Students Working as Pro Heroes

Katsuki and Deku fail to run from All Might

With Pro Heroes in short supply, the students of Class 1-A might have to step up and lighten the load of the few that are left working. Everyone in the class has secured their provisional license, allowing them to work on the same level as Pros, and after training for about a year -- with a few of them even perfecting some super moves -- they should be more than capable of handling themselves against most of the inexperienced villains currently in control of the streets.

We can also expect some interesting combos with the equally powerful Class 1-B, as well as some action from Shinso, who’d recently transferred onto the Hero Course. He’s already shown a lot of potential during the joint training exercise and his powerful Brainwashing Quirk will prove very effective against villains who don’t know about it.

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