My Hero Academia: Todoroki’s Refection in Dabi Awakens His New Destiny

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter #298, “Sounds Of Collapse,” by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

In My Hero Academia Chapter #298, the aftermath of the massive war between the heroes and villains has finally caught up with the bashed and beaten survivors. Most of the attention is on Endeavor, and everyone is on edge about his connection to the League of Villain’s Dabi. Dabi’s plan was to ruin Endeavor’s reputation and kill him but was only successful in completing half his objective.

Regardless, enough damage has been done, and now society is questioning their faith in the current number one hero. Endeavor’s current status in the My Hero Academia manga is not looking good, and his spirit was completely crushed upon finding out that his son Toya was not only alive but a deadly villain.

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With Endeavor’s reputation crumbling, and his psyche not in the right place, Shoto Todoroki takes it upon himself in Chapter #298 to deliberate on his father's situation and Dabi’s turmoil, but does he alone have the ability to save his entire family?

After the heartbreaking family reunion, Shoto and Dabi face-off. Dabi is almost successful in defeating his younger brother -- his flames surpass those of Endeavor’s, and Shoto can’t begin to compete since he hasn’t mastered his own flames yet. Dabi’s are filled with his hate and rage towards Endeavor, which Shoto can relate to because he once had similar hate towards his own father.

Shoto realizes that he could very well have turned out like Dabi himself if he continued down the path of hatred and, feeling his older brother’s resentment, he now knows what he must do to set things right.

With Endeavor currently unconscious, Todoroki is the only that can answer for the atrocities caused by Dabi, and fix the Todoroki name. In the midst of all the chaos, Todoroki realizes that Endeavor is not able to fix the current status quo, and takes it upon himself to take down Dabi. The reality behind his intentions is probably geared more towards saving his brother, Toya.

Shoto might try to save him the same way Midoriya saved him from his own hatred, but if that is to come, the results might be too late for true redemption. Shoto is currently not strong enough to defeat Dabi, even with his ice, so when their confrontation happens, it will most likely revolve around their collective feelings.

There is also a mysterious character not shown visiting Shoto in the hospital with his brother and sister in Chapter #298, and it’s safe to assume that it’s his mother. Her input is going to dictate how Shoto decides to deal with the whole situation, and she might even make an appearance to the public as the new face of the Todoroki family.

There are many cracks in the Todoroki family structure, but knowing that Endeavor has been trying to fix everything and that his own family is starting to forgive him, he's put in a position where he stands to lose more than anyone anticipated.

Shoto will probably not defeat Dabi in a contest of strength, but he might relay a message from their mother to connect with him emotionally. Shoto has all the support he needs to “defeat” Dabi and save Toya. His older brother is still in there, albeit surrounded by hate. Receiving some familial love might change this. Whatever happens, Shoto and Endeavor’s futures are about to change drastically in My Hero Academia.

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