My Hero Academia: The 5 Scenes That Changed Shoto Todoroki Forever

My Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoriya, who earned the right to One For All and has been training hard with his mentors and rivals. Still, the series is practically an ensemble show, with characters like Shoto Todoroki also having all the makings of a shonen hero. What's more, Shoto's character arc is one of My Hero Academia's best, highlighting a lot of growth throughout the series.

Shoto is the product of a Quirk marriage, born with the sole purpose of surpassing the great All Might to complete Endeavor's rivalry with him. Shoto resented his father greatly for this and even has a dysfunctional relationship with his mother after a point. Even so, things are turning around, and five particular scenes make it clear that Shoto is still growing both as a hero and a person.

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When Rei Todoroki Burned Shoto's Face

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From the very start, Endeavor intensely pressured his youngest son to become a powerful trainee hero to surpass All Might, and Shoto bitterly resented it. Since Shoto was kept separate from his siblings, the only bright spot in his childhood was his mother, Rei. However, Rei's mental state worsened from Endeavor's abuse, and she snapped, pouring boiling water on Shoto's face -- symbolically attacking the fire half of Shoto's Quirk and body.

Shoto's relationship with his father continued to sour, only recently turning around, but when Rei was sent to the hospital by Endeavor, he lost contact with his beloved mother. Thus, Shoto became ever more self-absorbed and wrathful, determined only to spite his father and distance himself from the family name and Endeavor's plans. Having Rei around might have changed things a bit.

When Shoto Heard Izuku's Encouraging Words In The Sports Festival

The U.A. Sports Festival arc was packed with exciting shocks and twists, from Izuku seeing the ghosts of One For All's previous users to the fateful match between Shoto and Izuku in the second round. Shoto was still holding back with his Quirk, while Izuku gave it his all to face this prodigy student. Izuku made an emotional appeal to Shoto, demanding that the latter acknowledge his true power and respect his classmates and U.A.'s name with the full extent of his talents.

Shoto owes it to himself to accept his full abilities, and he thanked Izuku for shattering his mental barriers. Shoto used his fire for the first time in years, and from this point on, he would use both halves of his incredible Quirk in combat -- except notably against Katsuki Bakugo in the tournament finale.

When Shoto (And Bakugo) Failed The Provisional Hero License Exam

The provisional hero license exam was a significant test that brought students together from other hero schools, and 18 of class 1-A's students passed it. Only Shoto and Bakugo failed despite their power, and this was rather humbling for both boys. Shoto, in particular, was shocked out of his self-absorbed complacency, and he had to adjust to a brand-new challenge or have his hero career forever ruined.

Fortunately, Shoto was up to the task. He showed his compassionate side as he helped Bakugo, Camie Utsushimi and other students look after some elementary school students and entertain them during their makeup exams. Shoto's newfound humility would serve him well in the coming weeks, bringing him some inner peace and clarity of purpose while also making him easy to get along with. Shoto is talented, but he can't coast on talent alone. Now he understands that quite well.

When Shoto Helped Defeat Stain

Tensei Iida's defeat at the hands of Stain greatly impacted Tenya's life and made it clear how vulnerable any pro hero can be. Still, this short story arc also affected Shoto, a major player in the fight against Stain and the Nomu. Shoto, Izuku and Tenya all faced Stain together and only narrowly survived the battle. Shoto was pushed to his absolute limit, and he and his classmates gained vital (and eye-opening) experience about what actual combat is like.

That experience would serve the trio well, and Shoto developed a sense of friendship and trust with Izuku and Tenya after this event. He even mildly joked about how both Izuku and Tenya suffered injuries to their hands due to Shoto's involvement in their battles, clear evidence that Shoto is starting to warm up to other people.

When Shoto Watched Endeavor Defeat The Hooded Nomu

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Near the end of Season 4, Shoto and Endeavor were still at odds, but not as much as before. By now, Shoto has learned firsthand that people really can change for the better and that friends and teammates can have a significant influence on others. Shoto isn't yet ready to forgive Endeavor for his past wrongs, but some tentative bridges are already being built. Shoto, his brother and his sister watched tensely as their father fought the Hooded Nomu in mortal combat and rooted for their father -- who would succeed in his fight.

Early in the ongoing Season 5, Endeavor was released from the hospital with a new scar. Shoto is still taking things slow with Endeavor but is open to having a relationship. So far in the anime, it's not 100% clear if they'll genuinely make up, but the stage has been set. While Shoto is unsure if Endeavor will truly change, he considers it a real possibility -- and a year ago, he never would have even considered it. Nonetheless, progress has been made, and watching Endeavor fight that Nomu helped Shoto support his father, even if just a little bit.

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