My Hero Academia: The 5 Scenes That Changed Mirio Togata’s Life Forever

One of the rising stars in the My Hero Academia universe is Mirio Togata, a third-year student at the prestigious U.A. school. Mirio is part of U.A.'s "big three," the most powerful students in the entire school, and made a strong impression when he singlehandedly defeated almost every Class 1-A student in the gym.

It's tempting to think Mirio is a perfect student who's invincible and can do no wrong, but he is better balanced than that. With a fully fleshed-out character arc, these five defining moments prove that Mirio had to work incredibly hard to become so powerful.

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When Mirio Made Friends With Tamaki Amajiki

This was a defining moment for both Mirio and Tamaki, and their newfound friendship has arguably had an even bigger impact on Tamaki. Both boys went to the same elementary school, where Mirio was radiant like the sun and Tamaki was quiet in the shadows. Mirio approached him with an offer of friendship, and after some hesitation, Tamaki accepted.

This newfound bond spurs Mirio on as a trainee hero, so he can live up to Tamaki's high expectations of him and be a proper rival. Both characters rapidly grew and progressed as trainee heroes well into their U.A. career, thanks to their friendship.

When Mirio Joined The Nighteye Agency

The My Hero Academia anime doesn't show the exact moment when Mirio joined the hero agency of Sir Nighteye, All Might's former sidekick, but it was a major step to take. Mirio has spent months there, gaining valuable knowledge and fighting on the front lines alongside Bubble Girl as a semi-pro hero.

This is how Mirio became so powerful -- taking part in these heroic missions has given him crucial experience and razor-sharp intuition. He can easily predict an enemy's movements and counter them, even if he can't see anything while using his Permeation Quirk. Sir Nighteye was the best possible mentor Mirio could have asked for.

When Mirio Met Eri

Not long after Izuku joined the Nighteye Agency, he and Mirio went patrolling on the streets and met the young Eri, who was running for her life from something. Izuku was eager to rescue Eri from whatever was troubling her, but then Overhaul showed up. His words and menacing aura discouraged Izuku and Mirio from trying anything rash, so Mirio cautiously let Overhaul escort Eri away.

Not long after, Mirio learned what a terrible mistake he had made. Saving Eri became his and Izuku's new top priority, and they stormed Overhaul's den with the clear goal of getting Eri out of there alive. This whole situation humbled Mirio and taught him a lesson, and he will not forget it anytime soon.

When Mirio Lost His Quirk

Anime My Hero Academia Mirio Battle Ready For Shin And Deidoro

The raid on Overhaul's base was largely successful, but some prices were paid for that victory. Mirio fought Overhaul one-on-one, putting a lot of pressure on the villain and the Eight Bullets, but he also suffered the loss of his Permeation Quirk while protecting Eri. Mirio believes his sacrifice was worthwhile, but he is definitely less effective all the same.

Mirio can still use his martial arts in battle, and that alone gives him confidence, but the Big Three really took a blow when he lost his abilities like that. He is sidelined as a hero for now, and patiently awaits the day when his Quirk returns. That shows what incredible strength of spirit he has.

When Mirio Lost Sir Nighteye

Nighteye looking into Mirio's future

This was another price paid for victory against Overhaul. Sir Nighteye suffered a fatal injury during the battle, eventually dying in the hospital. Fortunately he had the chance to speak to Mirio before passing on, and Mirio listened carefully to every word. Sir Nighteye's stern persona was gone, replaced with a warm, paternal air as he gave the young hero some encouraging final words. Mirio, Izuku and All Might were all reduced to tears, watching as Sir Nighteye succumbed to his injuries.

Mirio learned the true price of being a hero, reminding him of his own mortality and vulnerability in the face of overwhelming evil. This scene also helped him learn to cope with grief and loss, an essential quality in this line of work. Mirio's body and heart are ready for anything.

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