My Hero Academia: The 5 Best Hero Costumes, Ranked

One of the perks of becoming a Pro Hero in My Hero Academia is definitely the costumes. As the students develop their Quirks and their combat abilities, their hero outfits gradually become better and better. Eventually, when the students achieve Pro Hero status, they'll get their final hero costume, which is both an emblem of their duty as a hero and something suited to their Quirk. The costumes are a visual cue for civilians as to which person is a hero and which is a bad guy. The costume is an important piece of becoming a hero, even if it's fairly surface-level.

My Hero Academia has a lot of characters in costume, students and Pro Heroes alike, but there are some whose outfits are better than others. These are some of the series' best, ranked by aesthetic, theme and crime-fighting functionality.

5. Ochaco Uraraka - Uravity


Uravity's hero costume is as adorable as she is. The design keeps with her girly aesthetic and uses round shapes to accentuate her natural body shape. It's also quite form-fitting, which works both for her appearance and her functionality as a hero. Considering her Quirk is to make things weightless, having a streamlined outfit is only to her benefit. That way, Uravity doesn't have to worry about straps or flowy pieces flying around and potentially getting in her way as she's in the air.

Thematically, this hero costume is also quite on-point. The balls on her wrist paired with the bulbous calf coverings really give the impression of a futuristic spacesuit, which ties into her Quirk pretty nicely. It's an excellent outfit for Uraraka and matches well with her abilities and her personality.

4. Katsuki Bakugo - Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight

No one does it quite like Bakugo -- or his outfit, for that matter. Not only does it perfectly encapsulate his explosive, aggressive personality, but it also accurately indicates his Quirk to bystanders. With the costume's dark color palette and sharp lines, the outfit almost comes across as a villain's costume. But the giant, grenade-like gauntlets on his wrists are silly-looking enough to dispel that notion pretty quickly. Even still, they only add to the effectiveness of his outfit. Bakugo's Quirk, Explosion, allows him to create explosions on command by igniting his sweat. His outfit perfectly gives the notion of explosions, especially with the obvious grenade shape on his wrists and the burst shapes of his mask.

In terms of functionality, Bakugo's costume is excellent. It's streamlined to his body, preventing anything from being damaged or caught up in his explosions. Additionally, the front is reinforced with metal bars across his chest, which help protect him withstand the explosions he creates. The apparent weight of his accessories is probably what keeps him from blowing himself away.

3. Izuku Midoriya

Of course, the central character of My Hero Academia has a great hero costume, it'd be awkward if he didn't. But it's a variety of factors that make it so great. First is the fact that he directly pays homage to his idol and mentor, All Might, through the bunny ear hood, which resembles All Might's infamous haircut, shows just how hard Deku's willing to work to become like him. It's also a cute tribute to his mother, who gave him an All Might hoodie as a kid. Besides that, the outfit is functionally well-designed. With additional reinforcements for his hands and legs, Deku is now able to use One For All more freely and with better control. Deku's outfit is plus ultra in the sense that it's designed to both protect the wearer and allow for maximum mobility.

Aesthetically, this costume suits Deku's character perfectly. Keeping with his signature green color, it incorporates designs that give the impression of power but approachability, which works amazingly for Deku. With the contrasting colors of red and a hint of blue, the design is bright and attractive and definitely gives "friendly neighborhood hero" vibes.

2. Tenya Ida - Ingenium

Iida designs his super hero costume

Easily one of the best-designed costumes in My Hero Academia is Tenya Ida's hero outfit, which has been recently upgraded since Season 4 of the anime. On all levels, this is the perfect outfit for him as it represents his professionalism and efficiency. Ida's Quirk, Engine, is exactly that, and his hero costume manifests that Quirk into physical form. Built almost exactly like an engine, Ida's costume features both exhaust tubes on his back and engine mufflers on the back of his legs. It seems to be built out of a metal that can withstand incredibly high speeds and has reinforcements around his core. The functionality of this suit pairs perfectly with what it will be used for.

Appearance-wise, the outfit suits Ida perfectly. The primarily white design calls to his purity of purpose as a hero, with the full face covering centering that purpose, rather than the ego behind the mask. The costume is also designed to be aerodynamic, so its slim fit sits nicely on Ida's body. It gives off the appearance of a hero who's ready to save the day, no matter how fast he has to run.

1. Toshinori Yagi - All Might

It makes sense that the most iconic character would have the best hero costume. All Might's costume is as memorable as the hero himself. Since his Quirk, One For All, is mostly power and strength-based, the outfit sticks close to his body, showcasing the many muscles that contain all of that power. The yellow gauntlets on his arms probably protect him from damage when he throws his infamous punches, like the Detroit or Delaware Smash. The colors highlight the fact that he spent time as a hero in the United States and pairs with the names of his moves, which are all inspired by American cities. These colors scream patriotic, powerful and dominating, which is how All Might is when there's a foe in front of him.

While it may not be the most detailed or extravagant hero costume, it suits All Might perfectly as the Symbol of Peace. Seeing that costume reassures bystanders that the problem will be taken care of. There are no frills or extra details to distract from the inevitable -- All Might will save the day.

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