My Hero Academia: Some Heroes Don’t NEED To Fight Villains

In the world of My Hero Academia, Quirks are commonplace, though not all of them are well-suited for hero work or a life of villainy. Some Quirks, like the famous "One For All" or Katsuki Bakugo's "Explosion" Quirk, are definitely offensive powerhouses, while others, like Hanta Sero's "Tape," are meant to support other heroes in battle. More Quirks still aren't particularly battle-worthy, but that's not necessarily required to be a hero.

A few Quirks in the series would be best used in non-combat combat hero work, like search-and-rescue operations, disaster relief, evacuations and more. Even some U.A. students, despite their bad-guy-busting-centric education, would definitely be more effective using their talents to save the day off the battlefield, where people need them just as badly. Here are some pro heroes and hero trainees that are better suited to this underappreciated level of heroism.

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Momo Yaoyorozu, The One-Woman Workshop

With her incredible Quirk, "Creation," and brainpower, Momo would be much more help in a non-combat role than she currently is on the battlefield. Momo is a passionate trainee hero who dearly wants to help people, but her combat skills lag far behind her strategic mind and versatile Quirk. She lost quickly to Fumikage and his "Dark Shadow" Quirk during their tournament duel, and Momo didn't have the nerve to face Aizawa until Todoroki snapped her out of it.

Instead, Momo could use her incredible talents for disaster relief and repair work, providing instant supplies of bandages, splints, tents, bedding and far more for the victims of a hurricane, flood or tropical storm. She is a one-woman FEMA camp, and that's as valuable as any villain-destroying Quirk.

Koji Koda, The Voice Of Nature

Poor Koji Koda is often overwhelmed by the rigors of U.A. training. He is a gentle and peaceful boy who would rather spend an afternoon with wild animals than get in a fight, and some fans might wonder how he got into class 1-A at all. In a fight, Koji can disorient his enemies with insects or birds, but these talents could be better used elsewhere. Koji could handily control the growing number of invasive species out there, protecting the environment by helping to restore balance to regional species.

Koji could also be called in to deal with rampaging or dangerous animals, as he could diffuse any situation without having to kill the animal. Koji could also help with wildlife conservation efforts, by gathering all members of a species so they can be counted and fitted with tracker tags or, after something like an oil spill, he could gather any animals affected so they could be cared for.

Kyoka Jiro & Her Sharp Hearing

Kyoka Jiro is a rocker girl with a Quirk that's all about sound. Her "Earphone Jack" ability allows Kyoka to create powerful sound waves that can tear up the ground, or she can plug those jacks into walls, floors and more to hear distant movement and sound. Kyoka is a hard worker that does well in a team, but her sub-par combat skills may hold her back.

Instead, Kyoka could serve in search-and-rescue missions and listen for survivors in decimated or flooded areas. After all, the pro hero Uwabami is totally dedicated to search and rescue with her own Quirk, "Serpentress," to find disaster victims or locate hidden criminals. Kyoka could easily do that, too.

Thirteen, The Ultimate Biohazard Disposal Unit

My Hero Academia Anime Thirteen Vortex Black Hole

The astronaut-themed hero Thirteen has a powerful Quirk, "Black Hole," which can absorb anything, even light, and vaporize it. Thirteen actually already works in search-and-rescue and is quite enthusiastic about Quirks that assist and create, rather than harm. When instructing students at the Unforeseen Simulation Joint, Thirteen even emphasized that battle itself isn't the point of hero work -- helping people is.

But, rather than search-and-rescue, Thirteen could branch out to biohazard disposal as well. Spent nuclear fuel rods, plastic, contaminated water, hazardous heavy metals... Thirteen could wipe all of these harmful materials from existence, protecting the environment. Thirteen could also use this Quirk on ordinary garbage to slow down the rate of land and ocean-based pollution.

Mt. Lady, the Human Bulldozer

The colossal hero known as Mt. Lady can rapidly grow into her giant form when the fighting starts, though this Quirk obviously has its downsides. Mt. Lady is liable to cause immense property damage when fighting in urban areas, and that can add up quickly, as her agency well knows.

Mt. Lady could better serve as a disaster relief hero, such as clearing the roads of fallen trees and telephone poles or building levees and dams with her bare hands. She could also rapidly clear away urban rubble when disaster strikes, such as a powerful earthquake or villain attack, and load the rubble into trucks. She's like a fleet of bulldozers all on her own. Also, if vehicles ever get stuck somewhere, such as when a plane makes an emergency landing, Mt. Lady can carefully carry it to a repair facility and help unload the crew and passengers near a city or town.

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