My Hero Academia Premiere: Bakugo OBLITERATES One of the Big 3

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 1, "All Hands on Deck! Class 1-A," now streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

My Hero Academia is back for Season 5, and the students of Class 1-A are thrown straight into another training exercise that's reminiscent of their final examine from Season 2 where they had to go head to head with their teachers; however, this time the Big 3 are stepping up to take on the aspiring heroes. While this is an exercise, everyone has to take this seriously, but Bakugo may have gone too far with Amajiki.

At the start of class, Aizawa informs the students they will be kicking things up a notch to better prepare them, and seconds later, an alarm goes off for an emergency drill. The students suits up and head to the exercise, where they split up into teams to take on reconnaissance, firefighting, rescue and combat; however, Bakugo leaves the rest of the class to search for villains, taking Kirishima and Kaminari with him.

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As the rest of Class 1-A take care of the collateral damage and rescue Mirio, who's posing as a civilian, one of the "villains" reveals themself to be Hado, who's taken Ashido hostage. Along with her is Amajiki, who's more reluctant to be doing this, but he promised Mirio to help make Class 1-A proper heroes. The class eventually are able to free Ashido while apprehending Hado; however, taking on Amajiki proves to be harder.

Amajiki my hero academia

Even though he doesn't want to be here, Amajiki gives it his all, even calling out Midoriya for holding back. He nearly delivers a devastating blow to Midoriya, but Kaminari, Kirishima and Bakugo roll up, with Kaminari using his electrification quirk to hotwire a car and Kirishima using his hardening quirk to tackle Amajiki, with Bakugo using his explosion quirk to give him an extra boost.

Bakugo gets in the final hit, pinning Amajiki to the ground. With that, the drill is over, and Class 1-A is successful; however, this isn't a proper victory for Bakugo, which takes Amajiki by surprise. Bakugo believes Amajiki went easy on him; however, Amajiki, who happens to be a more timid character, was simply frightened by Bakugo's face when he attacked him.

Bakugo does not believe him, and he's deeply insulted that one of the Big 3 would underestimate him. The rest of the class watches, with his peers looking shocked, concerned and embarrassed by Bakugo's behavior; although, it isn't surprising.

Bakugo has high standards for himself and his rivals. For instance, during the Sports Festival, Bakugo is furious with Todoroki for not using his quirk to the best of his ability, and he needs to be be restrained during the awards ceremony because he's so upset over winning against someone who didn't give it their all.

For Bakugo, if his rivals aren't giving their all, then he believes they see him as weak, as seen in Season 3, Episode 23, "Deku vs, Kacchan, Part 2." Here, Bakugo reveals how he feels that it was his weakness that led to All Might's retirement, and he even encourages Midoriya to grow stronger so he can surpass him properly later on.

While he's worked through some of these issues, his inferiority complex comes back up during this exercise. After calling out Amajiki, Bakugo blasts the upperclassmen, who instantly regrets not going home like he initially wanted to do. Along with blowing up Amajiki, everyone else around them are blasted by this explosion. This gets Bakugo in trouble with Aizawa, even though the aspiring hero believes this was the right move to make against a villain, even in a training exercise.

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