My Hero Academia Makes Its Fairy Tail Easter Egg a Meme

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 2, "Vestiges," now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

Season 5, Episode 2 of My Hero Academia has brought back a Fairy Tail Easter egg with one of Endeavor's number one fans. The character debuted during the Nomu fight last season, rooting for Endeavor and reminding everyone watching that he is the Number One hero for a reason. While he doesn't have a bigger role this season so far, the civilian does make a comeback as an in-universe meme.

In Season 4's finale, a Nomu does a number on Endeavor during a battle, and the news and public believe that there is no hope for the hero or themselves; however, one civilian is adamant that the Number One hero has not given up the fight, as his flames are still burning. This civilian in question also has a striking resemblance to Natsu from Fairy Tail, with both having spiked pink hair and striped scarves.

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Besides the looks, the civilian's admiration for Endeavor is also a nice reference to Natsu, who is a fire-based hero, just like the Number One hero. Even the civilian's personality is similar to Natsu's, as they both are hot-headed, stubborn and have immense faith in those they believe in.

With the second episode of Season 5, Endeavor is recovering from the battle and is able to return home. While with his family, the news discusses the Nomu fight, and not everyone feels 100 percent safe yet with the new Number One hero. However, Endeavor has begun to better resemble a symbol of hope for others, with the news showcasing several civilians who are in support of him.

The broadcast also spends some time on the Natsu look alike, who's now being called "Look Boy." It appears his words about Endeavor have struck a chord with other civilians, with a young woman even remarking that you have to remember him. As the broadcast goes on, it covers how his words of encouragement about the pro hero inspired others to have faith in him as well.

Along with rallying many behind Japan's new Number One, Look Boy's legacy has also been documented with merchandise, like t-shirts and mugs, making him an in-universe meme. While this is funny, Look Boy resonates with Endeavor, who was worried that All Might's retirement would undo everything he has built.

Endeavor has struggled to represent the new symbol of hope, especially in the eyes of his own family members, but Look Boy's faith in him, as well as the civilian's ability to get others to see his potential, proves to the Number One hero that there is a chance he can be the symbol Japan needs. Even Shōto Todoroki is willing to see how things go from here, despite his animosity towards his father.

While this a hopeful sign for Endeavor, he has a lot of work ahead of him. He still needs to work on his relationships with his family members and atone for the pain he's caused them over the years. Plus, not everyone is sold on the new Number One hero, and with the League of Villains still in action, earning everyone's faith will be difficult, but Look Boy is a reminder that there are still those who have hope for the future of heroes.

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