My Hero Academia: Leaving UA Could Be Class 1-A’s Deadliest Mistake

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 342, "The Extreme Quiet Before The Storm" by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

Ever since the Paranormal Liberation War caused a total societal breakdown, UA was transformed from just a school for heroes in training to one of the few safe houses left in My Hero Academia. Citizens seeking refuge from the chaos were given shelter within its walls and the remaining heroes used it as a base from which they conducted campaigns aimed at returning the outside world to normalcy. Interestingly, Class 1-A has chosen to abandon UA just days before their final assault on Tomura Shigaraki, in favor of a prototype fortress.

Obtaining One For All has been a major goal of All For One ever since he inadvertently created the power stocking Quirk. Sending countless villains after Midoriya Izuku during his vigilante days was a strategy meant to wear him down so All For One could easily steal it but that became impossible once Deku returned to UA. Undaunted, All For One changed his strategy, this time planning to have his network of spies create insurrection within UA; fanning anti-hero sentiment and eventually getting Deku turned away once again. Before they could even get their plot started, 1-A announced their decision to leave UA.

As an extra layer of protection, Class 1-A will be staying at Troy, a safe house designed by Power Loader, Cementoss, and Ectoplasm. It's an almost exact replica of Heights Alliance, their former dormitory, but fortified to withstand villain attacks. It's very likely that Troy will be 1-A's home and base of operations until All For One is defeated, and they've wasted no time in fully settling into their new lodgings.

Even though 1-A must be aware of the danger they're currently in, they finally have a moment to relax before being thrust into their next conflict and are fully taking advantage of it. Deku finally got the chance to thank Uraraka Ochaco for the role she played in getting the citizens at UA to allow him to return to his school. Together, the duo watched the ruined city and Uraraka finally revealed her misgivings about Toga Himiko; how Toga had reacted to Uraraka's resolve to stop the League of Villains and her realization that she knew nothing about Toga's reality.

Uraraka seemed to think her feelings of sympathy towards Toga were unwarranted. Granted, Toga did aid in the mass murder of countless people during the first war but the circumstances that led her to the League of Villains are undeniably tragic. Uraraka is definitely on the right path with her final decision to stop Toga but being able to feel sympathy for even a villain is further proof that her good nature is going to help her become a wiser and more discerning Pro Hero. Without knowing it, she might even have offered some comfort to Deku himself, as he's been having similar thoughts about Shigaraki Tomura.

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