My Hero Academia: Koji Koda, the Voice of Nature Hero, Explained

20 students make up Class 1-A at the prestigious U.A. School in My Hero Academia. Some of them, while not superstars like Izuku and Shoto, have proven their worth nonetheless in this competitive class. One of them is Koji Koda.

Koji is student number nine in Class 1-A, and although he has done relatively little to make a name for himself in the anime, he has what it takes to be a hero, from his fascinating Quirk to his heart of gold to his remarkable will to overcome all fears. He may fall short of his hard-hitting peers, but he's catching up, and that means he has 100 percent earned all of his accomplishments thus far.

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Koji's Quirk And Personality

Koji Koda's personality is the total opposite of Katsuki Bakugo's. Koji is probably the least competitive student in his class, if not the entire school, and he greatly values the peace and harmony of nature over the ambitions and wrath of mankind. Koji is not a social outcast or an anarchist, however; he simply appreciates the simple truths of nature -- how all living things are connected in an interdependent web. In nature, all living things are born with a vital role to play, and animals never act out of malice or evil. Koji likes to follow the example of the wild, living quietly in harmony with his peers and fighting to do what's right rather than to promote himself. This humility means he doesn't stand out much, but all things considered, he doesn't really need to, anyway.

Another important aspect of Koji Koda is his relationship with his own fears. He is not a coward by any means, but then again, his timid and quiet nature also means that he is not fond of violence, and early in the story, he couldn't handle pressure very well. Instead, he likes to allow his more competitive and brash classmates to take charge while he provides backup as needed. He is also intensely afraid of insects, and this fear prevented him from making the most use of his Quirk. However, the reality of combat forces him to face that fear during the series: remembering when he first got into U.A. and how proud his mother was. Koji is determined to live up to his mother's expectations and his own expectations of himself.

His Quirk is Anivoice, allowing him to speak out loud and have all nearby animals hear and understand him. Generally, the animals who hear him will do whatever he orders them to, and he can use this to his advantage in battle or in a support role. He can ask flocks of pigeons to scout an area to find villains or locate victims who need help; he can use flies, wasps and other insects to infiltrate enemy territory and conduct surveillance. He can also use animals as brute force attackers, such as bears or cougars or crocodiles, though not much of this has been seen yet.

Koji's Role In The Anime So Far

Koji Koda has largely been in the background of My Hero Academia so far, alongside characters like Hanta Sero and Mezo Shoji. But he has had a few moments of glory. He and Kyoka Jiro had to fight a mock battle against Present Mic to qualify for the forest training program, and Koji's timid nature slowed down his team.

Present Mic, meanwhile, kept overwhelming Kyoka's sound-based Quirk with his own, and that left Koji as his team's last hope. He explained his Quirk to Kyoka but panicked when ants and other insects got close. He's deathly afraid of such things and an exasperated Kyoka Jiro was left to face Present Mic alone. She strained to keep up with him as Koji remembered his mother being so proud that he made it into U.A.'s Class 1-A. He couldn't stand the thought of proving her wrong, so he summoned all of his courage and turned to insects and worms for help. He used his Quirk and spoke his first on-screen lines -- catching Present Mic with a swarm of creepy critters from underfoot. Present Mic was just as afraid of them as Koji, and he could do little as Koji and Kyoka made it to the goal.

During the forest training sequence, Koji practiced his Anivoice Quirk day-in and day-out to expand the range of his voice, and by the time the Provisional Hero license exam took place, he was ready to fight on a whole new level. Late in the exam, Class 1-A's remaining students were outnumbered by the other schools, but Yuga Aoyama drew attention to himself with a navel laser shot to the sky. This allowed Class 1-A's other students to rally and form a counter-offensive, and Koji used the full measure of his Quirk to summon thousands of birds and disorient his enemies.

With so many birds around, the other students couldn't see each other or coordinate their efforts, and Koji's living smokescreen, along with his fellows' Quirks, turned the tables. As a result, not a single Class 1-A student failed to reach the exam's second stage.

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