My Hero Academia: How Endeavor’s D&D Alignment Defines the No. 1 Hero

The characters of the hit anime My Hero Academia can be described in all sorts of ways, from the classic -dere types such as the kuudere Todoroki Shoto to their MBTI personality types, including those of Izuku and All Might. These heroes and villains almost feel like colorful Dungeons & Dragons characters, meaning fans can use the D&D alignment chart to describe them as well.

The Dungeons & Dragons chart has nine combinations based on the intersection of two axes. One axis has Good, Neutral and Evil to describe a personality, while the other axis has Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic to describe a character's methods and mentality during an adventure. Classic heroes are typically Lawful Good, but Endeavor the flame hero might be something else entirely.

The Basic Tenets Of A Neutral Good Character

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A Neutral Good character in D&D or a work of fiction like My Hero Academia always believes in doing the right thing for the sake of others, but they're not particularly strict about laws or authority, nor are they chaotic and impulsive about it. True to their neutrality, Neutral Good characters simply do whatever is necessary to win the day and fight the forces of evil, making them relatively flexible characters, although they're less predictable than Lawful Good characters.

A Neutral Good character like Endeavor has fairly libertarian values about themselves and others, opposing strict rules and laws while also frowning upon anarchy and chaos. They strike a middle ground, seeking to promote personal and societal freedom and equality for all. Neutral Good characters can't stand the sight of a tyrant oppressing the weak or a criminal getting away with murder.

Neutral Good characters like Endeavor may have a fairly basic code of honor or conduct, but not to the same degree as a Lawful Good character, who does everything by the book to the point of self-sabotage. Then again, Neutral Good characters also have more self-regulation than Chaotic Good characters, and they're tentatively willing to cooperate with law enforcement officials or leaders to get the job done. However, in the process, they won't always allow a king, general or boss to micromanage them with too many rules or regulations. Neutral Good characters need room to breathe and use their own methods to accomplish the mission, even if Lawful allies complain.

Endeavor As A Neutral Good Character In My Hero Academia

Endeavor's personality as a Neutral Good character is a turbulent one, and he has toyed with other D&D alignments during his character arc in My Hero Academia. At times, he overlaps with Lawful Good when he runs a tight ship at his pro hero agency, and he also touched upon Neutral Evil when he became a tyrant in his own family and alienated his wife and children with his extreme methods. However, as a broader whole, Endeavor averages out as a Neutral Good character, and in recent story arcs, his Neutral Good personality came to the fore more clearly than ever before.

Endeavor may be brutal, and he can't be easily forgiven for what he did to his family. Then again, his goals always had goodness in mind, and as a Neutral Good character, he simply resorted to whatever means seemed necessary to achieve his mission. Endeavor always aimed to become the #1 hero and defend the law, peace and justice in the land, but he lacked the strength to surpass his main rival, All Might himself. So, Endeavor entered a controversial Quirk marriage to raise a genetically tailored child whose natural Quirk gifts would allow him or her to surpass All Might, given enough training.

Endeavor's methods were callous and alienated his family, most of all Shoto and Natsuo, but it was still for the sake of defending society from crime and villainy. Despite his dark methods, Endeavor was obeying the tenets of Good the whole time, albeit with a Neutral approach.

On the job, Endeavor blurs the line somewhat between Neutral and Lawful Good, since he runs an agency and often cooperates with the police. Even so, the hotheaded and brash Endeavor is quick to jump into the heat of action without hesitation, and that sets him apart from more Lawful characters such as Eraserhead or Sir Nighteye, who are more methodical and patient in their methods. Endeavor isn't a Chaotic brute, though -- he's smarter than he looks, and he uses his tactical gifts to quickly form a decent battle plan and execute it. This is what made him qualified to mentor Shoto, Izuku and Katsuki in Season 5, showing them how to push their Quirks to the next level.

Finally, Endeavor's Neutral Good side shone through when he resolved to make amends to his wife and children and atone for what he has done. Even if he can't be redeemed, Endeavor can balance his wicked actions with Good and restore the balance at last.

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