My Hero Academia Figures Feature Smartphone-Powered AR Effects

Two new My Hero Academia figures offer a little something extra compared to other scale figures.

S-Fire, a new brand operated by Sonic the Hedgehog producer Sega, has revealed two new scale figures depicting My Hero Academia's central protagonist Deku, and his fiery rival Bakugo. Both figures are produced in a 1/7 scale and depict the heroes in their pro-hero costumes. What makes S-Fire's figures unique, however, is their ability to link up to your phone via its camera and a proprietary app. When viewed through the augmented reality-app, the figures will display unique special effects: Deku will generate the bolts of energy that signify he's activated his One For All Quirk, while Bakugo will appear as though he's generating explosions from his hands. S-Fire has released trailers for the new figures and the smart phone app.

The two figures will ¥19,580 yen (approximately $175 USD) and will be available for preorder until Nov. 30. The associated smart phone app will be available on iOS and Android sometime in September.

While Sega is mainly known for publishing video games such as Sonic Colors Ultimate and Phantasy Star Online 2 in the other territories, in Japan they are also well-known for their toys and collectible figures, which are often given out as exclusive prizes at the company's chain of arcades. The company mainly produces figures for Sega-owned franchises, such as Valkyria Chronicles or Atlus' Persona 5, but it also produces figures for licensed properties, such as My Hero Academia.

The current fifth season of My Hero Academia is nearing its end, with the latest episode teasing the upcoming war between the world's pro-heroes and the villainous Meta Liberation Army. MHA fans can still look forward to the upcoming international release of World Heroes Mission, the third movie in the franchise. The film broke franchise records when it was released in Japan earlier this summer, and American distributor Funimation is no doubt hoping for a similar box-office performance when the movie begins its limited theatrical run in the United States and Canada on Oct. 29. Funimation will also host a panel for the franchise during the upcoming New York Comic-Con, which begins on Oct. 7.

Source: YouTube (1, 2), S-Fire

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