My Hero Academia Fans React to Manga’s Shocking Twist & Death

My Hero Academia fans are reeling after reading the latest chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's superhero manga.


Fans of America's top pro-hero, the reality altering Star and Stripe, are mourning the character's apparent death, but are also impressed with her selfless and very creative final use of her powers. Chapter 333 begins where the previous chapter left off, with All For One/Shigaraki touching Star and Stripe with all five of his fingertips, allowing him to use his powerful Decay ability. After admitting that he was initially worried about the possibility of having to fight Deku and Star and Stripe at the same time, he declares victory as he steals the American hero's quirk. Thankfully, Star and Stripe has one final trick up her sleeve: she institutes one last rule with the New Order quirk before it leaves her body: "New Order revolts against other quirks!" Shigaraki's body, loaded with stolen quirks, begins tearing itself apart as Star and Stripe gives into Decay, saying the sacrifice of her life was a small price to pay in order to stop All For One's threat to the world.

Response to the chapter has been overwhelmingly positive. While many fans wanted to see more of Star and Stripe and hoped that she would survive long enough to interact with the series' main cast of heroes back in Japan, in general most readers were impressed with her clever counterattack and are glad that she was able to deal a severe blow to the series' main villain. Comparisons were drawn between Star and Stripe's battle with All For One/Shigaraki and Deku's battle with Lady Nagant, as it seems Horikoshi is determined to test both the main hero and the main villain, physically and mentally, before the two meet in the final battle that the series is rapidly building up to.

Anime-only My Hero Academia fans will still have to wait sometime before they can see Star and Stripe in motion, as the TV anime's producers have confirmed that the next season of the show will adapt the Paranormal Liberation War arc. The sixth season still doesn't have a premiere date at this time. Until then, fans can satiate their desire for more MHA with World Heroes' Mission, which recently began its theatrical run outside of Japan. The third and latest movie in the series has been the franchise's most successful theatrical release so far, earning more than $10 million USD in the two weeks since its international premiere.

The My Hero Academia manga is distributed in English by VIZ Media. All five previous seasons of the anime are available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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