My Hero Academia Fans Are (Lovingly) Dragging Bakugo on Twitter

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter #293, which will be available in English from Viz Media on December 6. 

My Hero Academia fans are currently going berserk on Twitter over the revelation of Bakugo's new hero name after Chapter #293 leaked. During a major battle, Bakugo, King Explosion Murder himself, shouted to everyone that could hear that his new hero name would be "Dynamight." It appears he wants to pay homage to All Might, just like Deku wanted to with his costume. The revelation has fans (affectionately) roasting Bakugo with a barrage of memes that any lover of the series would find hilarious.

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Hero names play an important part in a hero's career in My Hero Academia, so having a name that is memorable but fitting is crucial. However, it also needs to be practical. Midoriya goes by "Deku" because it sounds like "dekiru," which means "to be able to do (something)." He took the name that Bakugo mockingly called him when they were kids and changed it to mean something positive. During the hero name presentation, all of Bakugo's names were rejected for being too outlandish and he never quite decided on one -- until now.

"Ground Zero" would have been a fitting name for Bakugo, whose Quirk is Explosion, which is exactly what it sounds like. Bakugo's body secretes a highly flammable compound that he can use to create explosions at will. Ground zero refers to the center, or origin, of an explosion, so naming himself such wouldn't have been a big issue. Some fans even thought he would follow Midoriya's footsteps and go by his nickname "Kacchan." Fans weren't expecting this, though. It's taken everyone by surprise, and Twitter has been going wild.

The reaction seems to range from those who think it's adorable to a casual laugh to downright mocking the name. Some users think that it's worse than his "King Explosion Murder" moniker. Despite the varying opinions, all fans can agree that making fun of "Dynamight" is a great way of celebrating Bakugo finally choosing his hero name when for years, fans speculated that his name would end up being "Ground Zero" due to some of Horikoshi's character notes.

"Bakugo" has been trending since the leak, and the tag is filed to the brim with fans expressing their feelings. One user, @Faithfulfishyy, says "It's literally worse than the one before." Another user called @fountaindeku says, "i am never going to stop bullying bakugo now srsly wtf is DYNAMIGHT." Other fans are making connections to the recently released BTS song "Dynamite" by making music videos or illustrations of Deku asking Bakugo who his bias is. It seems that Bakugo's name will be the latest meme to grace the internet -- just don't let him ever find out.

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