My Hero Academia: Deku’s Zodiac Sign – and How It Defines the Hero

My Hero Academia stars Izuku Midoriya, a classic shonen-style protagonist who has a singular dream: to surpass his idol All Might and become the new heroic symbol of peace in all of Japan. Izuku's heroic career was launched when All Might, recognizing the boy's incredible bravery and commitment to doing good, granted him the power of One For All.

There are many ways to assess and describe Izuku's personality and role in the story, and his astrological sign is a rather telling one. Izuku was born on July 15th, making him a Cancer, one of the four water signs. Here's how the young hero's Zodiac sign defines him in My Hero Academia.

Izuku Midoriya's Personality As A Cancer in My Hero Academia

Izuku has some elements of an Aries or Virgo about him, such as fierce determination and his methodical and stubborn ways. Yet he is a Cancer thanks to his birthday, and his personality often matches. Cancers are noted for being involved in both the physical and mystical realms -- like a crab going in and out of water -- and sure enough, Izuku is a practical and down-to-earth hero while also being a thoughtful strategist and planner. He is also the type to daydream and become highly sentimental, overthinking just about anything.

Cancers are also noted for their homely nature, such as a crab settling comfortably to the seabed and protecting itself with its flat, hard shell. Izuku has a warm home life with his single mother Inko, and he takes great care to reassure and inspire her with his actions and words alike. As a true Cancer, he also forms strong emotional bonds with the people around him, though he's not always the life of the party like a Leo. Cancers are known for their loyalty and commitment to friends, which accurately describes Izuku. He inspired Ochaco Uraraka to look up to him as a role model, and they are highly committed to one another as friends and classmates. Izuku is also loyal to his childhood friend Katsuki Bakugo, despite Bakugo's harsh and dysfunctional behavior. A Cancer won't give up on a true friend so easily.

Izuku's Cancer Moments In My Hero Academia

For all the ways he represents his Zodiac sign, Izuku does not perfectly align with it -- for example, he lacks the verbal and emotional "pinches" of Cancers, and doesn't become withdrawn or retreat into a shell when discussing his problems. In most other regards, though, he does live up to his sign often in My Hero Academia.

Izuku's Cancer nature is clear with his relationship to the young Kota Izumi, for example, a young boy who rejected the idea of Pro Heroes after his parents both died in the line of duty. Despite Kota's standoffish and uncooperative behavior, Izuku was committed to protecting and supporting the boy any way he could, proving his commitment to civilians of all ages. Cancers are often the nurturing type to friends and family, and sure enough, Izuku ran off to protect Kota when the League of Villains attacked the training campground, risking his life to shield Kota from the brutal villain Muscular.

Similarly, Izuku quickly became a big brother figure to young Eri as he once again risked his life to rescue someone he only barely knew. Due to their fondness for nurturing households, Cancers are known for assuming caregiving roles to others, and Izuku saw himself and Mirio Togata as Eri's two best caregivers after rescuing her from the villainous Overhaul. Not long after, all of Class 1-A viewed Eri as a little sister, and Ochaco positively doted on her.

Izuku's Cancer side shone during Season 5 of My Hero Academia, especially when he and Bakugo were invited to the Todoroki household with their classmate Shoto. The family was somewhat tense, as expected, and while Bakugo merely complained, Izuku did his best to reassure Shoto and support the family. Noting that the latter is clearly getting ready to forgive his father Endeavor and mend ties with him, Shoto and his sister Fuyumi were encouraged by Izuku's words. Only a true Cancer would go out of their way to lend a hand to a struggling household like this, and it may indirectly help Endeavor too.

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