My Hero Academia: Deku’s Quirk Skills Have Turned Him Into Anime’s Spider-Man

Now that Deku's Quirk, One For All, has awakened, he has slowly come into his own as a hero. Before his awakening, Deku was practically a smaller and weaker clone of All Might in My Hero Academia. However, with each new Quirk he unlocks from the previous wielders of One For All, he separates himself from All Might and becomes a unique hero. Although he has moved away from All Might, Deku is becoming more similar to a different hero from a completely different world.

Many of the added Quirks that Deku has received from previous wielders share striking similarities to the powers of Marvel's Spider-Man. The two characters already share elements in their backstory and personality. Both Deku and Peter Parker were powerless "nerds" that were given amazing abilities. With this new great power, they have to learn to control and carry the great responsibility that comes with it. It seems that with each new Quirk that Deku unlocks, he grows closer to becoming the anime version of Spider-Man.

One For All & Super Strength/Speed

Deku's Shooter Style

One For All is a stockpiling Quirk that increases the physical abilities of its wielder. With each new wielder, the Quirk increases in power. Now that the Quirk has reached its ninth wielder, Deku, it carries an immense amount of power. Deku possesses strength, speed, agility and durability on a superhuman level.

Deku has been shown to easily break rocks and steel. He can keep up with speedsters like Gran Torino and Tenya Iida. He's even dodged high-speed attacks from Bakugo. As Deku learns to control more of One For All's power, his abilities grow in strength. Spider-Man also possesses similar levels of enhanced strength, speed and agility. The wall-crawling superhero has better agility and reflexes than a gold medal gymnast.

He's dodged bullets and lasers with ease. Spider-Man is also faster than most people think. He once cleared two miles in five seconds while chasing robbers. His strength is no joke either. He can lift cars without breaking a sweat. In the same way that Deku has to limit his strength so that he doesn't hurt himself, Spider-Man has to hold back his power so that he doesn't seriously hurt the human bad guys he fights.

Blackwhip & Web-Shooters

Anime My Hero Academia Midoriya Blackwhip Catching Debris

During a joint training exercise between Class 1-A and Class 1-B, Deku accidentally unlocked the power of the fifth wielder of One For All: Blackwhip. This Quirk lets Deku manifest tendrils of energy that he can control at will. These tendrils are excellent at capturing enemies and grabbing objects. The Quirk can also be used to increase mid-air mobility by swinging off objects.

Deku has used Blackwhip to catch failing vehicles and bind his enemies. This power is extremely similar to the web-shooters that Spider-Man invented. The web-shooters allow Spider-Man to restrain bad guys, save civilians and stop buildings from falling. They also help Spider-Man maneuver around NYC quickly without having to deal with the traffic on ground level. Both Deku and Spider-Man have used their swinging abilities to patrol their respective cities.

Danger Sense & Spider-Sense

Deku Danger Sense

One of Deku's newest abilities is Danger Sense, which he inherited from the fourth wielder of One For All. This Quirk delivers a sharp pain to Deku's head when there is a threat nearby, essentially giving him a sixth sense for life-threatening danger and allowing him to react to it ahead of time.

Spider-Man's Spider-Sense works in exactly the same way -- he can sense incoming danger. With Spider-Man's superhuman reflexes, it's almost impossible to surprise him with a sneak attack. Deku's Danger Sense can sense the intent and negative emotions of those around him. He has used this ability to track villains and as an alarm for nearby crime. Spider-Man uses his Spider-Sense in the same way to catch criminals and prevent disasters.

It's possible that mangaka Kohei Horikoshi intentionally based a few of Deku's multiple Quirks on Spider-Man's abilities and powers -- indeed, he has directly stated that he was inspired by Marvel and DC comics when creating My Hero Academia. If Deku's goal is to become the greatest hero of all time, having similar qualities to Spider-Man is definitely an advantage.

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