My Hero Academia: Deku’s Loudest Cry For Help Comes From His Own Quirk

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia #320 “Deku vs Class 1-A” by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

Deku’s best attempts at under-the-radar hero work haven't been enough to prevent his 1-A classmates from catching up to him in the My Hero Academia manga. Despite his obvious mental and physical exhaustion, he’s continued to refuse any help from his friends, much to their dismay. In the last chapter, his insistence that he's "fine" wasn’t enough to convince Class 1-A to back off, and they banded together to restrain him.

In Chapter #320, their team effort is enough to keep up with Deku in his newly overpowered state. It also doesn’t hurt that they have support from the strangest of places: Deku’s own Quirk.

Deku’s current path, and the decisions he's taken to get there, have been met with resistance from everybody he'd tried to explain himself to. Previously, he chose to exile himself from the U.A so his presence wouldn’t put the other students in danger. As a bonus, his truancy would also allow him to work as a full-time hero, doing whatever he could to maintain the fragile balance in society.

He's received support from the current top three heroes -- Endeavor, Hawks and Best Jeanist -- as well as All Might, under the agreement that they would observe him from a distance. None of them anticipated the lengths to which he would go, however. On his travels, Deku has also unlocked more past One For All inheritor Quirks, Smoke Screen, Danger Sense and Fa Jin, adding more moves to his arsenal and greatly increasing his power.

Although he unlocked them surprisingly quickly, none of the newer Quirks gave Deku any trouble the way Blackwhip did when it first showed up. On the contrary, they have been invaluable tools in taking down the dozens of villains he's encountered alone. He's finally seemed to be in complete control of all of One For All’s gifts... but that was until he had to fight Class 1-A.

Soon after Deku cut ties with All Might, all of Class 1-A was authorized to capture him and bring it back to U.A High. While they've now found him, bringing him back to U.A isn’t as easy as it sounded since he just will not cooperate. Fully anticipating this response, though, they prepare to restrain him by force in Chapter #320 using the full might of their Quirks.

Naturally, Deku tries to escape his classmates without causing them any harm. In his quest to do so, he notices his Danger Sense hasn’t been registering them as threats at all. Normally, the fourth One For All user’s Quirk is most active in the heat of battle, warning him of possible dangers from his enemy and keeping him one step ahead. If it worked properly in this fight, he might have been able to escape his friends with ease. Instead, Deku finds himself falling into trap after trap that they set, resorting to using brute force to release himself from them.

Danger Sense’s refusal to activate could be a result of One For All’s consciousness. Unlike most Quirks, One For All can respond to the user’s emotional state in key moments, usually to their benefit. In this case, however, One For All is intentionally nerfing Deku so he can’t escape his classmates. Deku himself notes that Danger Sense can’t pick up any malice or ill intent from 1-A’s attacks, so there's nothing to report to Deku.

It’s clear that even his Quirk and the previous users within it disapprove of Deku’s solitary campaign in the My Hero Academia manga. They would rather he join his classmates back at the U.A for some rest and relied on their support. And to be honest? Deku looks like he needs it. Though he hasn’t shown any intention of going with them back to the U.A yet, seeing his classmates try so hard for him has definitely softened his heart towards the idea, at least.

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