My Hero Academia: Deku’s Greatest Strength Has Always Been His Classmates

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter #318, "Reckless” by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

Deku has finally run out of steam in My Hero Academia Chapter #318, "Reckless." He's constantly using all of the Quirks from One For All without giving his body the time to rest or heal. While his desperation to find All For One is understandable, now Deku is hitting a brick wall of exhaustion. And though the Second Wielder of One For All admires Deku’s strong resolve to be an actual superhero, it takes more than one person to save the entire world.

As Deku collapses from exhaustion as he faces Dictator, a hired gun sent by All For One, Bakugo comes to the rescue. He seems very concerned for Deku and relays a phone call to someone, letting them know of Deku’s location. Bakugo’s appearance also highlights the importance of having comrades  -- perhaps teasing a potential Class 1-A team-up.

The Second Wielder understands Deku’s motives and reassures the others that his actions will not go unrewarded, yet the other predecessors can only watch as Deku grinds himself into the ground from over exhaustion. Luckily, Bakugo makes a heroic entrance with his one shot blast to knock out Dictator. Bakugo’s demeanor shows, like the Second Wielder, he understands Deku’s motives, to a certain extent, and knowing Bakugo, he is prepared to assist Deku in his hunt for All For One. Even though everyone knows All For One’s secret, Bakugo is the only one that knows the power’s history as well.

Bakugo has always made sure to keep the secret of One For All hidden and would never put All Might or Deku in danger. He has always been the one to keep Deku in check, and he’s going to need it now more than ever as he saves Deku from Dictator and hopefully takes him to some safe house to catch up on his rest.

It will also be up to Bakugo to talk some sense into Deku and remind him that he isn’t alone in the fight against All For One. As noted in the My Hero Academia manga, Deku is fighting to be able to smile with all his friends and family again, but running himself into the ground may prevent that.

It's unclear who's on the other end of the call, but Bakugo is likely talking to his Class 1-A classmates, or even Class 1-B. As seen with Bakugo, the Pro Heroes are not the only ones keeping tabs on Deku’s actions, and Class 1-A is comprised of many young heroes with abilities that could assist him, but Deku was too hasty and didn’t want his comrades to get involved. Now, his classmates are likely going to be the ones who will uplift him and show Deku the importance of working together.

The collaborative work of Class 1-A, the Pro Heroes and Deku will begin the escapade to defeat All For One in the My Hero Academia manga. Time has passed, and it’s safe to assume that the students from Class 1-A have been acting as Pro Heroes to maintain peace in these stressful times. Plus, they have had time to developed in ways Deku didn’t know were possible to grant them a status close to the top heroes. Deku may not want to accept the help from his classmates, but deep down, he knows he needs them, and he has already experienced the backlash of working alone, so Deku now must accept the help he desperately needs.

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