My Hero Academia: Deku Has a Crucial Revelation About Shoto

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Season 5, Episode 17, "The Hellish Todoroki Family," now streaming on Funimation, Hulu, and Crunchyroll.

After Season 5, Episode 17 of My Hero Academia, the Todoroki family is officially zero-for-two on family dinners. When Natsuo Todoroki storms out once again, unable to forgive his father or even be in his immediate vicinity, Shoto and his sister, Fuyumi, have a brief heart-to-heart regarding their old man. Deku, aware of this family's intense history since the Sports Festival, overhears the siblings and offers his input.

Deku and Shoto have been on friendly terms ever since their battle in the U.A. Sports Festival, and their work-study under Endeavor appears to have strengthened their bond. Honored and happy to be invited into the Todoroki household, Midoriya is as gracious as could be, despite the general awkwardness of the entire evening. His analysis of the food is a reminder of how observant he is, lending credibility to his surprising comment regarding Shoto's and Endeavor's relationship.

The fact that Shoto was willing to attend the family dinner at all speaks volumes. Fuyumi, the one who requested the dinner, is openly trying to bring the family back together, which doesn't seem to bother him. Even Natsuo's outburst doesn't get a reaction out of Shoto, who appears to genuinely be trying to have a normal family dinner. Deku is always mindful of his circumstances, so even though he is clearly uncomfortable during the tense meal, he's undoubtedly processing all this information and thinking of a way to help.

As Deku and Bakugo help do dishes, they overhear Shoto and Fuyumi's conversation regarding how they each feel about their father's quest for redemption. Fuyumi can sympathize with Natsuo's hatred for Endeavor, but she clearly wants to move past it. Shoto reveals he blames Endeavor for the scar that their mother gave him, understanding she was a broken woman thanks to Endeavor's abuse. However, Shoto appears to be inspired by the fact that their mother is making progress toward overcoming her trauma so the family can be together again.

Deku and Bakugo join the Todoroki family for an extremely awkward dinner in My Hero Academia

Overhearing this extremely personal conversation, for better or worse, appears to be the last bit of information Deku needed to feel comfortable chiming in. He believes Shoto is getting ready to forgive his father -- which surprises Shoto, as he had just admitted to his sister that he isn't sure how he feels. While Midoriya certainly wouldn't blame Shoto for never forgiving Endeavor if he truly hated him, he believes his friend is too kind to truly hate someone.

Shoto is visibly surprised by the observation, possibly because he knows that deep down, Deku is right. After all, Shoto's harsh words for his father at the beginning of the work-study aren't nearly as telling as his actions ever since. Here in My Hero Academia Season 5, he works at Endeavor's agency of his own free will and even attends a family dinner without complaint. Perhaps Shoto can't see the forest for the trees when it comes to his relationship with his father, and Deku's outside opinion may end up being exactly what he needed to hear to figure out how he feels about his father.

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