My Hero Academia: Class 1-B’s Confirmed Quirks, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the My Hero Academia Season 5, now streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation and Hulu.

My Hero Academia's UA High School is home to students with an amazing variety of Quirks, especially in Class 1-A. From Deku's super-strong One for All to Minoru Mineta’s peculiar but practical Pop Off, each student has gotten a chance to shine in various circumstances -- repelling villains, mystifying the public and even squaring off against each other.

However, the attention lavished on Class 1-A hasn't trickled down to the similarly impressive Class 1-B. Save for a few students, the class hasn't exactly gotten a fair shot at the spotlight, despite being known as a group whose prowess nearly equals that of 1-A. Stuck in the background, the Quirks and skills of Class 1-B have mostly been a mystery for the anime's five seasons. However, this is changing with the Joint Training Exercise, where Classes 1-A and 1-B are finally facing off, giving fans a chance to see what the silver class can really do with their Quirks. Here's what we know about the Quirks of Class 1-B. 

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Yosetsu Awase - Quirk: Weld

Using Weld, Awase can fuse objects together down to the atomic level so long as he is physically touching them. Additionally, as shown in the Summer Training Camp arc, where he planted a tracking device on a Nomu, he can weld living beings and inorganic materials together.

Kojiro Bondo - Quirk: Cemedine

Bondo's Quirk, Cemedine, allows him to eject a fast-drying, glue-like adhesive from his head, capable of holding people and objects in place in an instant. In the cavalry battle during the Sports Festival, Bondo used it to keep Monoma Neito and Bakugo from butting heads by separating them with a wave of adhesive. After some time, that substance hardened in place, trapping those stuck in it.

Juzo Honenuki - Quirk: Softening

With contact as small and brief as a single step, Honenuki can trap people by turning the ground beneath them to mush, as he did during the cavalry battle of the Sports Festival. With his Quirk, Honenuki can soften anything he touches, which surprisingly includes the stubborn emotions of people as well, as evidenced by when he scared Bakugo and Todoroki in the Test of Courage from Season 2.

Itsuka Kendo - Quirk: Big Fist

As the name suggests, Kendo’s Quirk allows her to enlarge her hands, proportionately increasing her strength and striking power as well. Not only that, she can maneuver her fists so well that she can quickly deliver attacks as if they were still small. Such is Kendo's strength that she was able to earn fifth place in the UA Entrance Exam.

Neito Monoma - Quirk: Copy

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For Class 1-B’s colorful, albeit raucous, leader has a Quirk that can copy and use other people’s powers for up to five minutes. However, Monoma can’t use more than one Quirk at a time, meaning he must wait for the time limit to expire for one Quirk before taking another. Monoma is 1-B's boisterous mouthpiece, taking every chance he gets to dunk on 1-A. If Class 1-B gains even a sliver of superiority over their rivals, Monoma will boast about it to no end.

Hiryu Rin - Quirk: Scales

Rin can produce scales all over his body and use them for both offense and defense, making it a uniquely versatile Quirk. For offense, he can shoot them from his hands for precise attacks, while for defense, Rin can use them as body armor. Before he formally revealed his Quirk, Rin gave a sneak peek in the obstacle race of the Sports Festival by activating it for a couple of seconds.

Ibara Shiozaki - Quirk: Vines

In addition to having vine-like hair, Shiozaki can elongate and manipulate it to her will, which she can then use to subdue a huge number of foes at a time. Not only that, but she can defend also herself by creating a shield with the vines against formidable attacks like Denki Kaminari’s electricity, as shown in the Sports Festival, where she finished in the Top 8 overall. Shiozaki is one of Class 1-B's best when it comes to Quirk mastery.

Jurota Shishida - Quirk: Beast 

As shown in Season 5, Episode 3, Shishida has a transformation Quirk that turns him turn into a beast, allowing him to wreck any foes with augmented strength, speed, senses and durability. However, the downside to this power is that Shishida loses his self-control, turning him into a truly rabid beast. However, Shishida can switch between his human and beast forms at will, evening it out.

Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu - Quirk: Steel

Similar to another hardening-oriented student, Tetsutetsu, 1-B's hot-headed but esteemed figure, can turn his entire body into steel, making his Quirk a vital asset in situations involving close-quarter combat and defense. Though like Monoma, he is resentful over the lack of attention on his class compared to 1-A, he has shone in key moments that saved the entire grade, like his apprehension of Mustard during the League of Villains' ambush in the Summer Training Camp arc.

Kosei Tsuburaba - Quirk: Solid Air

Tsuburaba can harden the air that comes out of his lungs, with the amount depending on the state of his lung capacity. He first showcased his power during the cavalry battle, when he created an air wall to repel Bakugo from taking his team’s points. After improving his Quirk through constant training, he can also create a small air cube prison that is fully soundproof.

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