My Hero Academia Chapter 333 Proves All Might’s Campaign Was a Success

Warning: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 333, "Specter," by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook, and John Hunt, available in English through Viz Media.

All Might's status as the Symbol of Peace was primarily to reduce Japan's crime rate but he always wanted more than that. He wanted to give citizens hope and possibly inspire them to reach greatness unique to each of them. His reign as a Symbol may currently be over but My Hero Academia continues to prove his legacy lives on.

All Might held One For All for a record forty years, much longer than any of its previous users did. Using it, he achieved more than most Pro Heroes could in multiple lifetimes. It's a testament to his unwavering drive that he now considers himself a failure following his forced retirement, even though it couldn't be farther from the truth. Before he even started teaching at UA, All Might had already begun raising the next generation of heroes unwittingly.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a Pro-Hero that didn't consider All Might their personal hero, but none that proudly wove it from the rooftops as much as Star and Stripe did. Her first encounter with All Might happened when she was a child. During his time studying abroad in America, he saved both Star and her sister from an armed robber, and Star was infatuated with him ever since.

Star and Stripe modeled her entire Pro Hero career after All Might's. She borrowed his American aesthetic, as well as his "Smash" battle cry, and used New Order to grant herself super strength second only to One For All's. For all intents and purposes, she was an American All Might and the admiration wasn't just skin deep. She developed a dedication to ensuring peace even greater than All Might's, and as a boast of sorts, included 8 tufts to her hairstyle to rival All Might's two.

When the time came to prove this dedication to peace, Star bravely rose to the occasion. She sacrificed both her Quirk and her life in order to sabotage All For One's plans for world domination without hesitation. In her final moments, she showed no regrets, choosing instead to thank All Might for allowing her to live out her dream of being a hero. All Might never taught her in class but instructed her on how to approach being a hero yet by simply living his life, he inspired a hero greater than anyone else.

Anime My Hero Academia All Might With Bakugo Shoto Todoroki

Star and Stripe wasn't the only on-screen hero All Might's heroics inspired. From the series' beginning, Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, and Shoto Todoroki have been outspoken about their admiration for different aspects of his personality. Izuku always looked up to his calming presence. He spent his childhood dreaming of the day he could be powerful enough to comfort people simply with his presence. The way All Might did when he declared “I am here!” His love for All Might was so great that even without a Quirk of his own, he set out to become a Pro Hero. It was quite an optimistic endeavor but it hinted at the spirit of one who would be ready to face the impossible no matter the condition they found themselves in. All Might later acknowledged his heroic spirit and entrusted One For All to Izuku.

Likewise, Katsuki was driven to become a hero because of All Might. Katsuki may not have admired his hero's more virtuous qualities but no one can deny his refusal to ever concede a battle hasn't been instrumental in shaping his journey towards becoming a capable hero. As he learns from All Might and his peers, he's slowly beginning to understand the more nuanced aspects of being a hero. His entire view of a hero is no longer just someone who wins.

As someone who's known all too well some of the darker aspects of hero society, no one would blame Shoto for not wanting to have anything to do with it. However, even before Endeavor soured his view of heroes, Shoto had long wanted to become one because he too, admired All Might. For a while, he let his resentment of his father consume him and slow his progress as a hero. It took Izuku's taunt at the Sport's Festival to remind Shoto why he decided to become a Hero in the first place. Upon unlocking his memory, Shoto reclaimed his Fire Quirk, intent on using it to become the best hero he could be.

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