My Hero Academia Chapter #320 Recap & Spoilers: ‘Deku vs. Class A’

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia #320, by Kohei Horikoshi, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

Now that Deku has finally reunited with Class 1-A, My Hero Academia Chapter #320 sees them battling it out on the streets over their opposing perspectives. While Deku wishes to continue his suicidal solo crusade against the Machiavellian villain All For One, his former classmates are driven to either bring him back to U.A. High School or fight alongside him so he isn't left to face the world alone. Deku desperately tries to escape his friends even as they reveal his importance to their lives, with both sides determined to prevail.

Chapter #320 begins with Deku fleeing from his friends using the Sixth's Smokescreen. Bakugo shouts to the rest of the class not to let him get away, utilizing a Super Move called Landmine Blast to dissipate the smoke. He asks if Deku just sees them all as "NPCs" now that he's so strong.

Deku using Smokescreen to escape Class-A.

Koda takes the opening to send a flock of birds hurtling towards Deku. In an uncharacteristic moment of loudness, Koda screams to him that he's been given permission to come back to school. At the same time, Sero attempts to capture Deku with his tape, commenting on the parallels between Black Whip and his own Quirk.

Jiro erects a barrier of sound waves to slow his escape, reminding him of the time they shared together at the school festival, while Ojiro closes in to take him down with Tornado Tail Dance. It doesn't work, but Ojiro does manage to convey that he can't sit back and watch while Deku risks everything, knowing how hard Deku fought for him in the Sports Festival. Deku isn't willing to hear it, however, insisting that he's just a danger to them all.

Yaoyorozu and Sato then take their turn at slowing down Deku. Sato catches Jiro and Ojiro even as he pleas with Deku to hear them out. Yaoyorozu traps Deku in a machine designed to put him to sleep, though, with his super strength, he's able to break free from it. She calmly tells him that they've been authorized to use their Quirks to ensure his safety, and as such, they intend to join his efforts against All For One.

Yaoyorozu traps Deku in a sleep machine.

Kaminari adds that though they all understand One For All's importance, Deku's life is more important than just his Quirk. He admits that he doesn't know Deku all that well, yet he still considers him a friend he's willing to fight for. Together with Tokoyami and Shoji, he attempts to subdue Deku using the combined force of their powers. Shoji asks Deku if he sees them all as mere victims in need of coddling, while Kaminari tells him he smells so bad it's clear he needs to bathe and rest.

Begging them to stop speaking, Deku barely manages to break free from their restraints. He understands his friends are truly worried for him -- especially because his Quirk Danger Sense would be active if they harbored any ill intent, and it's not being set off at all. He tries insisting that he's fine but no one in Class 1-A is inclined to believe him.

Shoto and Tsuyu are the final two friends who show up in Chapter #320. Shoto creates a massive Heaven-Piercing Ice Wall -- higher than the surrounding skyscrapers -- and coolly stands atop it while Deku is trapped in the ice. "Is this responsibility so much that you can't even let yourself cry?" he asks. "Seems like a burden you should share with the rest of us."

Tsuyu, clinging to a wall across from the ice, tells him she's not going to weep and mope around anymore. Deku matters to her, and because of that, she's going to stick with him even if he's dead set on roaming the streets as a vigilante. No matter what, they won't let him face their enemies alone.

My Hero Academia Chapter #321 will release on Aug. 1st through Viz Media.

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